Saturday, December 11, 2010

Run, run reindeer!

Brooke decided to run a 5k for personal progress. Her awesome PP leader Lindsay was her training partner. When the other kids heard about the race they decided they wanted to run the 1 mile fun run. It was a cold morning but luckily there wasn't any wind! They all did great! What a proud mama I was!
Santa and the 1 milers at the starting line!

Camden and Easton at the half way mark!

Camden Crossing the Finish Line!

Catching his breath after his one mile run!

Easton Crossing the finish line!
Neil ran the 1 mile with Addison in hopes he wouldn't be needed! Addie made it to the first corner and her legs were so tired she couldn't go on!
Addison and her friend crossing the finish line!
Addison and her cute friend. Addison's friend Taylor ran with Addie and Neil. Taylor was doing great until santa came up behind her and said "ho, ho, ho" It scared Taylor and she tripped. Neil ran most of the race with Addie on his shoulders and holding onto Taylors hand. What a trooper!
Brooke and Lindz rounding the first corner of the race!
Brooke and her awesome running partner Lindsay! So anxious to begin the race!
Almost to the finish line!
Crossing the finish line!
Very excited to be finished! I am so proud of Brooke and all the hard work she put into training for her race. Can't wait to see her run the next one!


amber said...

How funny - you caught Chuck and a tad of Samuel in Camden's finish line photo. How exciting that your basements almost done! I thought I was going to go crazy last winter when we were finishing our basement - the dust, noise, the freezing cold house because the contractors constantly had the windows open.

Shelly said...

That's awesome!

Darleen said...

What an awesome goal! Training for any run is always a challenge. Way to go Brooke!

Linz said...

I am such a clown in those pictures. Muahaha! Anyway - GOOD JOB BROOKE!!!!

Petersen's said...

Poor Tay-Tay thanks guys for helping them!