Monday, June 10, 2013

Random cell phone pictures from 2 years ago!

Finding out Easton had asthma. He was so sad to have to do a treatment before we headed to his soccer game. We have since done two years of allergy shots. They have made such a huge improvement in his lung function! Addison loves to play soccer, which frankly surprises me because she really just blocks it from going into the goal and isn't aggressive with it. I always make sure she has matching bows and looks cute for the game though! This was her first year of soccer two years ago. Two years ago our school did a walk-a-thon for one of the best teachers at our school. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. I think we ended up giving her around $3000, but I can't remember for sure. Mrs. H is doing great and is cancer free! Easton at the downtown splash pad two years ago, and he can still fit in that swim suit! We went to visit the Garveys in SLC and got a family picture, time for a new one though! We were shopping and Addie said "look mom"! What a funny girl. I took a solo trip to Kennewick when a dear friend was about to pass away. I stayed with the Garveys and had fun with Miss Avery! She tried to beg me to stay, she even pulled out the pouty face!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Easter 2013

We did a small egg hunt in the basement this year. The Easter bunny brought Camden a giant checkers set. Camden loves checkers and will play with anyone willing! Addison got a new pair of slippers Easton got new baseball socks and batting gloves (he was a little disappointed since he figured we would get those for him anyways) Brooke? I don't remember what she got and I don't have a picture of it either. Another slacker moment! Brooke has been eating super healthy and asked that the Easter bunny only bring her a toblerone candy, any other candy she wouldn't eat it! So the bunny was nice and did what she asked.

Ivins Easter Egg hunt

This year Brooke helped spread out the 13,000 eggs at the Ivins Easter egg hunt. Easton refused to hunt! Addison was nervous (there are a ton of people there and they are crazy about it) I was trying to Addie to hunt and so I didn't get to watch Camden (all age groups go at the same time but at different spots). I finally got Easton to take Addie, since parents can't help. She finally agreed to go with Easton walking next to her. I think she ended up with only 5 eggs. I think this will be our last year at the egg hunt! I did get to see my dear friend Jalyn, but I forgot to take a picture! After the hunt we headed over to Eastons baseball game. Addie is starting to get a little burnt out on baseball!

Dixie Spectacular

There is a major dance and clogging competition in St. George. People come from all over Utah, Nevada and California to compete. Winners move on to Nationals, which is held at Lagoon. This was Addisons first year with a clogging team and man oh man did they have some Sass in their group! The girls did one dance at the competition, since they have only been clogging for about 6 months. They did fantastic! They got up there and smiled the entire time! Most of the time the girls this age are super shy or smile just a little and then quickly forget, but these girls smiled like crazy! Addison loves clogging with her besties Adilyn, Jordyn and Piper. She also has her friends Maizi and Aylee in her class! There is only one girl in her class that drives everyone nuts! She is just a little wild and is always goofing off. When I asked Addison about the girls Addison said, "she's rude!" Addison's favorite part of clogging is at the end of class when they shuffle back to their moms! Addison's thinks the worst part of clogging in sweating! At competition Addisons group got first place! The team got a trophy and all the girls got individual medals! Not only did they get first place but they also earned the award for best overall, meaning their group was the best group in their category! Great job Addison!


Time for a little Whiptail overload! Easton is a lefty and plays first base. Sometimes he will pitch or play center field. He had 3 of his teammates from the Bears switch over to the Whiptails, one of them is #5 Orr! Easton has the perfect birthday for baseball. To play 9U you have to be 9 as of April 29th, Easton turned 10 on May 19th. This means he can always play as an older player, or he can play up and be a younger player. We have him playing as one of the oldest players!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Easton went from number 9 on the Bears to number 56 on the Whiptails. We saw a little bit of the emotional boy the first tournament and the coach quickly put an end to it! The coach is a school teacher and knows how to handle kids! It has been so great to see him progress emotionally. (See what I mean about the colors not being as nice to photograph?)


For spring break we went camping at Sand Hollow with friends. The only thing Brooke brought back from the trip was her burnt feet! Gotta love flip flop tan lines!