Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scientific Fact

I think that it has been scientifically proven that kids will only get the stomach flu in the middle of the night....never in the day time. Thanksgiving morning (by morning I mean 2 am) we were "Thrilled" to wake up with Easton and the flu. That night I was fortunate enough to go to bed and feel the same flu visit me. Friday morning Addison joined in (at least she waited until 6 am) Then in the middle of the night last night Camden started in...all night long. Poor guy. My house is germ central. Today I will be cleaning like crazy instead of the fun things I had planned (although I am running to Joann fabrics because interfacing is $2.99 for a full bolt!) Why can't the flu visit us next time in the middle of the day?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

we love/hate the microwave

A few weeks ago Easton made microwave popcorn. While he was getting a bowl for it Addie pushed the popcorn button again. Minutes later the house stunk. There is almost nothing that smells worse than burnt popcorn....maybe burnt ramen. We know this because last night Brooke wanted to make some ramen. She forgot to add the water. Neil ended up throwing the bowl away. The burnt popcorn smell had finally gone away...and now the house stinks like burnt ramen. Wow I love the microwave...until it produces a burnt masterpiece!

Monday, November 2, 2009

No Guts No Glory!

The kids had a great time carving pumpkins (Brooke was at Young Womens) I love that Addie thinks the guts are great and Easton is totally grossed out!

Put him in a body bag!

Before watching my kids obsession with "put him in a body bag" you need to look back at the orginal:

This is how my kids entertain themselves...give them a camera and they remake their favorite part of the "karate kid"

Playing with Andrew wears me out!

It is no secret that Addison and Andrew are best friends! It is so darn cute watching them walk down the hall at church holding hands. Once a week the two of them get together and play. On one of these playdates they sat down to watch a of course Addie was out. I guess another picture to add to her "sleep anywhere" post!