Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun, Fun on the Farm!

We went with Easton's class to the farm across the street from his school. The kids loved it!

The farmer there cracks me up...each time we have gone he tells these little 5 and 6 year olds about interesting things like: global economy or the dead calf that is in the pasture.

Being there makes me miss Neil farming, then the farmer started telling the kids all about the schedule he keeps and I stopped missing it.

The kids loved these little piglets. The farmer picked one up for the kids to pet and boy did the piglet and the momma squeal about that.

Poor Easton had a terrible time on the farm. His eyes got redder and itchier the longer we were there. When we left I checked him out of school and got him home to take some benedryl. I called that day for an appointment with the allergist and the next week we learned that not only is he allergic to hay, but like every grass or tree imaginable, except pine trees! No wonder he was having a hard time!

Addie loves to go to Easton's class. She especially liked going to the farm and has asked about everyday since if she can go to the farm. I tell her it's closed!

I had to add this picture because you can sort of see the wonderful haircut Addie gave herself...her bangs are not that short, normally! Don't you love her combover!

Oh what to do when you're two!

You live in a world that isn't fair. You get put in bed, when you are clearly exhausted. You don't want to be there. You know if you come out of that room you will be sent right back. Yet you want out so badly. So what do you do? You quietly sneak out to the hallway. Then when mom is on her way to bed she finds you like this....

Everybody clean up!

During our Saturday morning cleanup I passed by Addie's room and found she had "cleaned up" her polly pockets! Thanks for the help Addie!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretend it's Wednesday!

I have a great post that I would love to title "Work's for me Wednesday" but today is Tuesday. So play along, ok? Yesterday I got Addison a new Barbie movie....Fairytopia. She loves Barbie movies and I am hoping that they will be a great potty training incentive! The worst part of getting a movie? All the tape they put around the edges so you can't steal the $5 movie! As I was struggling to get off the tape, you know how stinking hard it is, I look down and on the desk is my seam ripper. Aha....I pick it up and in an instant the tape is off and the movie is ready to be watched. Gotta love a simple seam ripper! Do you have a "work's for me Wednesday" you want to share today?

Monday, April 27, 2009

It happened in the car!

Do you have days that are so crazy, and you are running so late, and on the way out the door you notice that you or your child have something on their a little jelly from their pb/j or chocolate. Now you have a you take the time to change her shirt, shoes and bows so that she matches, or do you go out the door with the little stain. You know if you change you will be late. Have you ever thought to yourself...."if anyone notices I'll say it happened in the car on the way here" then run out the door content knowing that yes there is a stain, but you have a totally believable excuse!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well I have spent the last two days doing jury duty. I really thought I would get out of it. I thought the defence lawyer for a DUI would see a mom with young children who have never had a drink and would think "she is not what we want" the prosecutor said he thought I would have been his next choice to get rid of. We started at 8:30 in the morning yesterday and finished today at around eleven thirty. It took us about an hour and a half to deliberate. The defendant refused the breath test at purgatory (the jail here). He said he wouldn't do one without his lawyer present. He said his dog jumped on his arm while he was driving, that made him swerve and almost run off the road. The cop that was at the stop sign didn't see him swerve, he didn't even turn to make the curve in the road, that is why he went off the road. They gave him 3 different DUI tests and he failed all 3. We found him guilty. It was hard for me to decide someone had chosen to break the law. I felt good about my verdict, I thought he was guilty. I just felt bad being the one to say yes he was guilty. I felt bad that he had made the choices he did. If I could change anything I would change his decision to drive his car that night. After the trial the prosecutor talked to us for a minute and told us that there were things he couldn't tell us in court. Like this is his 3rd DUI arrest (and perhaps conviction) in 10 years. On the scene the man took a breathalyzer test, and failed. It isn't admissible in court like the one at the jail would have been. When he failed it on the side of the road, it was at a .167! The drinking limit is .08! I felt even better about the conviction after I heard that. It could have been me and my kids that he hit when he was driving, rather then almost killing himself when he drove off the road. I am now done with jury duty for at least 2 years. It was a good experience. I felt like I learned a lot. I made a difference and I would totally do it again. I just wish I could have picked a different date for it. I missed out on #1-going to Eastons classroom to help out #2 family game night at the school #3 piano lessons for two kids #4 spending time with my friend visiting from out of town #5 dentist appointment for all 4 kids. #6 running with my friends on Monday #7 working out with my friends on Tuesday #8 running with my kids on Tuesday. I also had to bug my friends and get 4 of them to tend my kids at different times. I wish I could have said some days were better then others, but such is life. That is the way the jury system works. And today it worked well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

blah blah blah

So I have nothing to blog about. I should be posting cute pictues of my kids and Easter. I should be posting pictures of soccer. I am not. I don't have the energy to do it right now. We have been super busy with our church callings, 3 soccer teams, piano and friends visiting. We enjoy all of them, just keeping us busy and my mind so busy I can't think of a fun post. Maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter outfit

I started Addie's Easter outfit last summer. It started out as a summer outfit, but then I put it away and finally got back to it this week. I need to sew on one sleeve, put in some elastic and hem the top. I can't wait to get it on her and show you the fantastic fabric and pattern!

Happy Feet!

This morning when I got Brooke up to run we had four additional feet join us, Camden and Easton. I never thought I would see the day when I went running with my kids. All three big kids! They did really well. Camden wanted to run faster, but Eastons little legs just couldn't keep up. There was no whining and they all want to go agin on Thursday. I just hope my knee is doing ok for me to take them, it has been bothering me all day:(

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Addie is in love with anything "Pwincess" In hopes to encourage her to use the potty I bought her this crown at the dollar store. She used the potty in order to get the crown, and then promptly stopped using the potty. She got what she wanted so she was done! I love this Pwincess!


We went to Washington state for spring break (two weeks ago) and this is the only picture I took the entire time. I know, pathetic! This is my nephew Carston. His new baby brother was born the week before. You would think I would have taken the new baby's picture! We got to see lots of friends and family. We had a great time, but spent a lot of time in the car. Neil told Brooke that for her essay on what she did for spring break she should write "we drove, stopped, drove, stopped and drove some more" That is a very accurate account of our trip, but we had fun!

Lucky Girl!

After 14 months, and before finishing the 5th grade, Brooke got her braces off! How lucky can a girl get. Her teeth look great. This is her fantastic ortho. Dr. Beckstrom (he went to dental school with my friend from high school, isn't that crazy)

Brooke was so good about following the ortho's instructions. She stayed away from a lot of her favorite things, popcorn and caramel! She didn't break one bracket so we celebrated with a popcorn party!

We rented bedtime stories and made a bunch of yummy popcorn's and had a great time with her bff Brianna.

We had lime, orange and strawberry popcorn. We also had peanut butter and traditional butter popcorn. Yummy! Now lets just hope she doesn't lose her retainer ($150 to replace that puppy)