Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 already?

This is one of my favorite photos of Easton...he was just 13 months. Each Sunday we would go to the farm with Neil while he would check his potatoes. The kids loved wearing their irrigation boots and helping dad. Last week Easton turned 6. Where has the time gone?

Camden really wanted to be the one to take Easton's picture. Not bad for a 7 year old! With camera delay I am surprised he got such a great picture.

Easton showing off his presents.

I told Easton he didn't need a picture with both of these presents because the look the same....he told me he would hold them a different way, so I needed to take both pictures....can't you see the difference?

Easton got a few games for the Wii....I think his favorite is lego indiana jones. He also got clothes, money and a transformer. His aunt Cindy was talking to me about what to get him and said $ wouldn't be that fun so I asked Easton if he wanted $ for his birthday he said "Yeah, like $5!" To him $5 was a huge amount. So aunt Cindy did get him $5! We also found two $5 cash cards inside two different fruit roll boxes. Easton wanted those cash cards so much. I wrapped them up for his birthday and he was thrilled! With his birthday money his got a new wii 4x4 game and a truck from the movie Cars! He had a great birthday and was spoiled. We love our Easton boy. He is so smart and a hard worker at school. He is reading well above his age level. Easton LOVEs Addie. Often I hear her scream and say "Easton, no kissa me" (yes she adds the "a" to kiss). Easton is a great at sports. He just finished soccer and has started t-ball. He prefers to be pitched to though! Easton is a mama's boy and always wants to sit next to mom....especially at the dinner table and at church. He gives great hugs and kisses. Easton is also a little tough to wake up in the morning. Most mornings I avoid talking to him for the first 1/2 hour. After that he is a gem! We love you Easton and are glad you are in our family!

Glad it's over!

Last week was crazy. We had....two ice cream float parties I was in charge of, kindgergarten graduation, 4 baseball games, two baseball picture days, 5th grade graduation assembly, movie night (Brooke's class spent two months making a video about the civil war....Monday they showed the movie at school...the movie was fantastic....I thought it would be a cheesy little movie, but it was so professional) I also did a presentation at the junior high. Easton turned 6 and through all that Neil was out of town. Luckily my parents came and took care of me! I am glad that week is done, now we are on to summer! I am spring cleaning (because it is so hot here you have to stay inside and so spring cleaning happens in the summer instead of the spring) I spent about 3 hours on my room and now am moving onto each room and closet in the house....up next is Easton's room with the other kids to follow and then the toys. Lets hope I survive the toy room! If I am not back in a week send in a search party!

She graduates!

Brooke graduated from 5th grade...she now moves on to a different school where there is 6th and 7th grade. I can't believe it.

Brooke (below) and her friend Brianna (above) both earned a trophy for the give me liberty program. They memorized 13 different things which included: the presidents in order, all the states and capitals, the preamble to the constitution and the Gettysburg address. I was very proud and impressed....she worked on it a lot!

Brooke and Bri receiving their diplomas. The school didn't tell us they would be graduating, luckily a friend mentioned that they would get their diplomas at the school assembly on Friday, so I was one of very few parents there to see them graduate. Good job Brooke! Oh, and she had an excellent report card!

He graduates!

Easton graduated from Kindergarten last week. They had a cute little program and then they received their diplomas. This is Easton and his teacher Mrs. Cornwall. She is a strict but loving teacher. The kids sure learn a lot in her classroom. I was thrilled Easton had her.

Easton with his friends Mason, Bear (Baringer) and Hayden.

Easton and his best friend Justice. I switch tending with Justice's mom so they boys play together Mon-Thurs. They have a great time. You should also hear Addie say his name...more like Sustis!

During the program. This is so Easton....waiting for the teachers instructions while the other kids misbehave. The teacher often put Easton as her monitor. He is very good at making sure the other kids do what they are suppose to.

And a smile for mom!

Addies Easter outfit!

I did say I would post pictures of Addie's easter outfit. I never thought it would take me this long to get them up! I did the smocking on it last summer...the construction I kept putting off. I finally finished it and love the "knots landing" look. It looks like she just stepped out of the 80's!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Addie's pictures!

I have the most talented friends. My friend Amber took pictures of Addie at the Relief Society house in Santa Clara. Although there were few smiles to be had (until we got in the car and the giggle started) Amber got a ton of great shots...here are a few of my favorites!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The craziness comes to an end!

The end is here....the last two or three weeks have been full of running around kids and watching with pride as they accomplish different things. Maybe tomorrow I will be recovered enough to update on all that has happened. Right now I am just plain exhausted. I even took a nap today which hasn't happened for me in a very long time! So stay tuned...more to come!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caution....lots of whining about to be heard!

My a/c has a broken part. A box arrived that said "condenser" on it. I spent a week without a/c. Yesterday it was 93*. Yesterday Neil installed the part. Yesterday we realized the part was faulty. Today a new part is on its way. Today it will be 94*. In an effort to beat the heat we went with friends to the splash park on Tuesday. I got 6 kids under age 6 in sunscreen (I was watching a few friends and and some neighbor kids snuck in too) I forgot to sunscreen myself. My poor back is a lobster, no a crab, since I am so crabby about it. I was suppose to run with my kids this morning...I knew it would never happen. My red sports bra was never going to get along with my red back, cause you know, it's crabby. On a much happier note...I think Addie is on her way to being potty trained....she has told me at the store she needs to potty and last night she went into the bathroom and went by herself. We found her on her way out...she even remembered to wash her hands!