Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Challenge #1

Here is the challenge: provide me with your very best crockpot recipe. I love the crockpot. I love the ease of it. I find I always have the most energy at 10 in the morning, not 5 pm when everyone is starving. Crockpots don't heat up the house, great in 113* weather. They also can give great hot meals, great in yucky cold weather. When I am sick I love just throwing something in and knowing I don't have to think of it the rest of the day. So I have a few categories for you: chicken, beef, soup and dessert. There will be a winner for each category. I will personally test out each recipe (unless it is all seafood and veggies...which I can tell you now won't win cause I don't eat them). Winners will be announced, prizes will be given and all recipes will be honored to receive a place on the coveted cupcake blog! Have fun, but remember it may take me a few weeks to try out all the recipes! Begin!


two great ticker makers



Monday, January 28, 2008

Is birdseed a protein

Today at school Camden made a birdfeeder with a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed. Moments ago Addison walked in with birdseed on her hands and face. I suppose her brother forgot to put it up. So the question is...will birdseed make you sick...if not, it must taste yummy!

Work in Progress

Because I don't have enough to do in my life I am starting another blog...one to organize my recipes and have a fun place for friends to share. Visit me at www.lifeislikeacupcake.blogspot.com

For a good laugh

Just thinking that this new mom is a little unrealistic and will find someday soon that the real world includes plastic....haha


enjoy and have a good laugh

First runner up...

Ok the results are in...I was hoping to get at least first runner up, but this year I am not even going to make the top 5. I am not mother of the year this year. I know, I hear all the gasps, moans and sighs. But yesterday I lost my chances. I got Camden into the doctor at 8:45. Not only does he has double ear infections, but one ear drum even burst. I know...know the gasps have become hisses. Why didn't I take him in with Addison on Friday like the runner up mom would have done? Because his only symptom that day, and even on Saturday, was a cough and slight fever. Also the 20 gazillion times I asked if his ear hurt he said no. So I concede the title to all of you, and hope that I make the top 5 next year. (oh and to take away the pain of losing the title, I am eating Cadbury mini eggs, my favorite candy of all time, at 8 in the morning. Don't worry it is a small bag with only 210 calories and 9 grams of fat:( How much effort to work that off? Maybe I will have to walk to the doctors office with Camden on my back as punishment!

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet

We were sad to hear of the passing of our beloved prophet, President Hinckley. Yet we rejoice that he was reunited with his wife Marjorie. President Hinkcley did so much for the church, increasing world wide knowledge of the church, building temples throughout the world and teaching love and acceptance of all. We will miss his sense of humor and his sweet spirit. I love the song which he wrote the words I know that my Redeemer Lives. Here is video of President Hinckley bearing his testimony. We too feel the same as he does.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why does it always happen in the middle of the night

Why do kids always get sick in the middle of the night? Friday I kept Camden home from school because he had a slight fever and a yucky cough. I took Addie to the doctor that afternoon with the same symptoms. All day I kept asking Camden if his ears hurt, of course he said no. Addie ended up with an ear infection. Saturday had more of the same....ran around playing all day, coughing with a slight fever, and always saying no his ears didn't hurt. Well around midnight a pitiful cry comes from the bottom of the stairs and works it's way up to our room becoming louder with each step...and low and behold I hear, "Mommy, my ear hurts" After some motrin and a back rub (if you know Camden this is his favorite thing in life, especially if you rub with your figernails and not your palm) he fell asleep. This morning he now complains of the other ear hurting also. Now do I take him to urgent care and pay out the nose, or do I wait until 6 pm when our doctor's after hours clinic is open and we pay $15...well since he is now intent on Nintendo again, I think I will save this weeks paycheck and wait until 6!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


somehow through this fiasco I have the wrong address for your blog...please let me know what it is again.thanks

Brooke's braces

Here are the pictures of Brooke with her braces. She choose pink bands this month to go with Valentine's Day! Each month she will change the colors! She is doing really well and keeping them very clean! We hope it keeps up!

Free template

For those interested in free templates just go to the top of my blog. There you will find a link to clink on. It will take you to Pyzam.com There you will finds tons of great templates...for free. You don't even have to register to be a member! The plus side....it walks you through step by step...it just doesn't tell you how to keep your kids funnies:(

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh no....help me

So I found this cute template that I love...and because I don't do well with technology I was very proud of myself that I could actually make it work. After it was saved and working I realized that it erased my side bar info. Please let me know if you were left off the blogging friends list. But more importantly...help me remember my kids funnies...these are the only ones I remember and I know I had more on there. If you can remember them thanks!

Neil to the rescue

So today I took a little me time. I got a little gal in the ward to tend while I went shopping...alone! I went to target and got Addie a new dress (am hoping to use it for family pictures) it is white eyelet. Then I went to Michael's and was amazed at the deals. 80% off clearance. I found the cutest Martha Stewart kits. It consists of cute boxes for cupcakes and the stuff to decorate the box. $4.00! I can't wait to take cupcakes to my visiting teaching gals! Then I went to the mall and just looked around. Suddenly I saw it, I could hear harps playing, angels singing, and there was this glow! (well maybe not, but I could just imagine it) Pretzal time. I am some crazy girl and love a pretzal with cheese and a lemonade. Not really on my health kick. I walked by, confident in my ability to not stop! I went to sears, but they didn't have what I needed. Then I had to walk by again. I could see the girl was just taking fresh soft warm ones out of the oven. I could smell them. My mouth began to water as my confidence began to fade:( I slowly began walking over...just to smell them a little better. Oh dang, I know the confidence is gone now. Fine, I'll do it and just do the elliptical a little longer tomorrow. I approach, my hands shaking a little. Ring, Ring, (or I should say the song bubbly begins to play) Saved by a call from Neil. I am reminded why I am passing by the pretzal place and quickly walk towards my car. Only to be accosted by the hand cream kiosk lady! Thanks Neil....once again you have saved me...and made your chances of winning a little harder heeheehee!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Saucy Parmesan Chicken

Made this super easy chicken recipe tonight! It was a hit with everyone!

Prep: 10 minutes

4 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (or 1 per person)
1/4 cup light Italian dressing
1/4 cup parmesan cheese

Place chicken and salad dressing in zip lock baggie. Marinade for at least 30 minutes. Arrange chicken on foil covered baking sheet. Sprinkle both sides with parmesan cheese. Bake chicken 20 minutes or until cooked through.
Serve with buttered egg noodles.

Super Easy, super fast, good for you and good to eat. What more can you want?!

where have i been

ok so i know I haven't blogged for a few days...here is why...

Friday 8am-Brooke gets braces
10:30-pick up kids from sitter
11-get addison from Neil at work
12-get lunch and take kids to park
1:15-Camden from school
1:30-eye doctor for Brooke (Neil Meets us there and locks keys in car)
drive to Neils work to get other set of keys, then drive back to eye doctor to get car
Kids have friends over for sleepover
go to movies for girls night out
Saturday-grocery shopping and clean house/laundry
clean out car and vac. inside
Sunday-church and choir practice
Monday-cleaned entire upstairs....every room to spotless (except computer desk) Cleaned all 3 bathrooms to spotless
go to lunch and errands
try to go to the movies, but go to wrong theatre, pick up movies instead
Tuesday-9 am drop off kids at friends, get my hair chopped off (inch below shoulder)
11-pick up kids, get fed, and ready for school
now before the rest of my hectic day I have a few minutes when I should be eating my apple and yogurt (ugghhh again) I am sitting down to check the blogs. I have wanted to add pictures of all this..but don't have the time...maybe instead of sleeping tonight...oh wait I didn't get to exercise this morning...so instead of sleeping tonight I better exercise. And I consider these slow days!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I have come to realize I have issues

I have finally accepted the fact that I do have issues. Here is a great example: right after the 9/11 attacks and everyone got a flag and had one on their car and house and body, etc I couldn't do it. I just couldn't go along with the crowd and suddenly look the part of being patriotic, especially since it was in the in thing to do! I am totally in love with my country and am completely patriotic, but I knew that if I didn't have a flag up before the attacks, I was being dishonest or something because it was the "thing" to do now. I know, issues. Or here is another example: I still haven't read a lick of a Harry Potter book. Everyone was doing it, so naturally I couldn't. I have seen part of the first movie:( Yet again...issues. I am fortunate that my issues to extend to all things...like knowing everyone at church reads scriptures and prayers, but I still can:) And look at me...here I sit blogging! I can' quite find how I choose to jump on the band wagon or not!?! So I am trying to overcome my phobia I guess you could call it. Unfortunately I think I chose the wrong item to experiment with....I stayed up till 1 in the morning reading Twilight! Finished it yesterday in just an evening! Why oh why did I have to choose to read a book that I am now addicted to? When I finished last night I sat contemplating different was I could get the next two books. I had dreams about it all night? I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning because I didn't want to quit dreaming about it :) Then the highlight of it all....when Neil left this morning for work...and I was still in bed in that half sleep half wake state...he came to kiss me good bye...and nuzzled in to my neck and kissed my neck...as if perhaps he knew about Edward! (Maybe you didn't need all that info.) Thanks Lindsey and Valerie, you have created a "monster"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tradition! Tradition! (as if I were singing on Fiddler on the Roof)

So I have been thinking a bit about traditions. Each of us have little traditions, some without knowing what they are. For instance each time Brooke walks out the door for school I say "love you, have a nice day". Well we have a tradition of sorts in our family, our family song. It isn't a profound aha kind of song. In fact Garth Brookes sings it. Wrapped up in you. The song says such things as "I need you like a penny needs a wishing well, baby, completely, wrapped up in you". Often in the car we turn it on and the whole family sings along, well I must say Addie bops her head". When the kids are dropped off at school or friends or where ever I say to them,"remember" and they answer back with "wrapped up in you". Sometimes they say "remember" and I answer back. It is our little way of saying "I am thinking of you, I love you, I need you in my life because you are important" They kids in carpool have even picked up on it and one of the boys (age 5) jumped out of the car and said "remember Shelley":) His mom asked me one day what it meant because she had heard him say it a time or two. In their family they have a motto,"no empty seats" At the end of family prayer everyone puts their hands in and they say their motto, like you would do at the end of a soccer game. Their motto means everyone comes to family prayer, but more importantly, they want everyone in their family to make it to the celestial kingdom together! I love that! I think these kind of traditions tie families together! They give kids a sense of security! They know they are loved and belong! My question is, what traditions do you have? Do you have a family song, motto or saying? What do you say that perhaps I can steal!!!Let me know in your comments!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And the winner is.....

Ok...so I am the winner, in my own contest. I guess that means I get to treat myself to lunch:) Or perhaps I need to take Shelly out because she let me play games with her blog! Anyway...her blog is.....no way am I telling. I did all the work...I get to reap all the rewards! Thanks for playing. It was some much fun I need to think of another contest! By the way...Neil and I are both down in weight. Saturday the scale said 7 lbs for me, today it says 5. I guess I will stick with 7...it is a much better number. Neil is also down 5. I better get to work and start sweating some more!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pretty Peanut Shells

I found this great website that has adorable hats and headbands...if your husband is willing to let your child wear them. They are so cute...just go to www.prettypeanutshells.com!

Wednesday Letters

I just recently finished reading the book "Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright. It was a pretty good book. Not one of those I will read it again and again books, but one that I enjoyed reading and it made me think. The story is about an older couple that run a B&B. They both pass away on the same night and when their three grown children come home for the funeral they find that their father has written their mother a letter every Wednesday for their entire marriage. So of course secrets come out through reading these letters. I find it very interesting...the thought of sitting down and thinking about your spouse every week. I think that thought has potential!

Contest Time

Ok...so who doesn't like a little competition? I am over the top when it comes to competition. So here is one for you...my sweet, dear, kind, wonderful friend Shelly is being not so sweet, dear, kind and wonderful. She has another blog that she has mentioned....but won't tell anyone what it is! AAARRRGGGG! The only thing she will say is that she has left clues to it on her other blog. Here is the contest....from my blogging friends follow the Shelly Edwards link. Somewhere on this blog is a clue to her other blog. Be the first one to figure it out and you will get a prize! Gift card or something! Good luck and may the games begin. By the way.....I already spent an hour trying everything I could think of and I can't handle not knowing anymore. Does this mean something is wrong with me?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Waiting on the world to change

Thought this was so great I had to copy it from my friends blog. Thanks MaryBeth!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


As you can see my new obsession in tickers! I love counting down to things and seeing how the progress is going! I guess it's the OCD part of me. I also have to finish one tube of tooth paste before I start another...one gallon of milk before you open another...one bar or soap...one bottle of shampoo...etc. Why can't I just open 3 different tubes of tooth paste? I like using something up and then being able to throw it away! If it comes to the end of a bottle of shampoo...I pour the leftover into a full bottle! I love doing that! Why can't I be that organized with all aspects of my life? It is coming slowly! Do you ever make a to do list and already write down things you have done that day...just so you can mark it off right then? If so...welcome to my club! Hopefully Neil's ticker will go down quickly...but not as quickly as mine!

The Countdown

If you are LDS you know what countdown I am talking about: the countdown to entering nursery! While I adore Addison and love being with her and holding her and reading books to her....it is time for her to enter nursery. I am excited to listen to the lesson in relief society, listen to announcements, not worry if Addison is going to shake Sister Jacks wheelchair (again) and not have to leave because Addie is talking too loud. While I know this is a time I will never have again, I also know that at some point I have to let her go and have fun. She is just too busy and too old to not be in nursery! So goodbye to the days of missing class...hello to the days of dropping off a screaming child at the nursery door!

Lilypie Date is set Ticker

Monday, January 7, 2008

Will Sign For Food

Addison will now sign for food. That is usually the only time I can get her to sign for the camera. But with the incentive (not bribe) of a hershey kiss she will sign away! Her she is signing candy!

Here is Addison signing ice cream!

Doesn't it make you want to teach every baby to sign! I just think it is adorable to see her sign and she lets me know through sign that she does or doesn't want something...which helps since she isn't talking a whole lot right now. Although when we read books I turn the page and she saw "Whoa" like Joey did on that show Blossom! If you remember Blossom leave a comment!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hoop Dreams

Today Camden had his first basketball practice. It is his first time playing on a basketball team. He is definately the youngest player on the team. While he is out there I just keep hoping and praying that he will catch on quickly and be coordinated. I don't have dreams of an NBA allstar, but I would love to watch him excel at a sport. I would love to sit in the stands of the local high school and cheer him on to victory. I have such fond memories of watching my brother play sports, I would love to do that with my boys. I also hate to see my kids not have confidence because they fail at something. Yet I know they learn from those experiences. Am I wrong to want these things? Is it wrong for me to be proud of my kids when they are great at something? Where is the line that one crosses when they are proud of their kids and when they become prideful? I guess I will have to take it up as a matter of prayer and hope that I haven't crossed the line. For now I will continue to encourage Camdens interest in basketball....even if we end up with the worst team or if Camden ends up being the worst player. At least he will have fun and hopefully I won't be the parent on the bench that embarrasses their kid with bad behavior:)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Slideshow

Ok..so by now everyone is aware that I am not a techno wizard...Today I attempted to create my first slideshow. It didn't quite go how I wanted and I couldn't get more pictures on it then what I have posted...but I tried..and I will try again! Anyway...check out my slideshow at the bottom on the blog!

True Friends are hard to find

You know...sometimes true friends are hard to find. It seems like everytime I find great friends
one of us moves away. Just moments ago we watched our great friends and neighbors, the McKellebs, drive away for the last time. They are moving to Mass. to attend law school. While we are very excited for them and their new adventure...we are sad to see them go. We will miss the Easter egg hunts, pumpkin patch pictures, first day of school pictures, scrapbooking, babysitter, sleepovers, neighborhood bbq's and all the other fun things we did together. Goodbye McKelleb's we will miss having you as great neighbors!

Pumpkin Patch picture 2007: Brooke, Camden, Easton and Addison Schwendiman Chelsea, Breanna, Mason and Cord McKelleb

First day of school 2007: left to right Brooke, Samantha, Breanna McKelleb, Mason McKelleb and Camden

Here are the kids on our annual trip to the local pumpkin patch for picture taking. In the picture are neighbors Kaytlun and Tylee Cottam, Brooke, Camden, Easton and Addison, and the McKellebs:Chelsea, Mason and Breanna.

Here is the kids on their first day of school 2006: Kierstin, BREANNA MCKELLEB, Samantha, Brooke, Tylee, Colby and MASON MCKELLEB

Grandpas waterfall

MaryBeth wanted to see a picture of the waterfall my parents put in at their house...unfortunately the only picture I have is two years old...but here is the picture with Brooke, cousing Aidan in blue, cousin Egan in pink, Camden and Easton. Addison we due anytime!

Here is Brooke in front of the waterfall!

Biker Babes

Better picture of Addison and Brooke on the smart cycle with adequate light! Aunt Cindy is in the background!

Addison on the smart cycle

Addison even got in on the smart cycle action! When she hopped on she started making cute motorcycle noises! Who knew I had a biker babe! Too bad the lighting was so poor at Grandmas house...next time I will open the shutters!

Another video of the smart cycle because MaryBeth thought the first video wasn't long enough! Love you MaryBeth

Easton loves his smart cycle

Easton got a smart cycle for Christmas and has gone about 10 million miles on the thing...my one wish...that I could fit on it...it had resistance....and that I would ride that much...maybe it would make my health craze a little easier! BTW: the video is in real time...that is how fast he is peddaling! Thanks Grandma Sandy for a great gift!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

We went to Jump Man Jump while we were in Reno. It is a great indoor bounce house place. They have 7-8 bounce house items including this jousting arena. The kids loved it. Here are Brooke and Camden jousting! Easton likes to be the one who is knocked off first!

Stop! Mommy time!

For Christmas Addison received her stroller and baby doll. Addie loves being a mommy and walked around all day, and most of the time since, with her baby. She then would stop and give her baby a bottle. Addie also likes to wrap the baby up in it's blankie and rock it on her shoulder. How is it that from such an early age she knows just what to do for a baby? She knew exactly what to do without being coached! I am sure that in the future she will be a great mommy!

hugs all around

Addison (on the 11th will be 17 months, even though on our Christmas card I put 15 months) now gives hugs. If you ask for a hug she squeezes your neck as tight as a 1 year old can. She then pulls away...smiles up at you...and squeezes again. She is also very generous with her hugs and will give them almost any time you ask for them (unlike signing which she hardly ever shows off). There is nothing better in life then a hug from little Addison....unless it is maybe one of her sloppy kisses! Both are enough to melt my heart!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feel great in 08

Well as some of you know Neil and I are going to get healthy in 08. Saturday we got our new elliptical and Neil set it up. It is a really nice machine...hey I can even plug in Brooke's IPOD to it if I want to listen to high school musical. Monday morning when I worked out on it I had to quit earlier then I would have liked to because I was exhausted. I come upstairs and Neil can see I am a wimp and say's "what level did you have it on, did you adjust the tension?" I am shocked because Neil never told me I could make it easier on myself! I am not as wimpy as I thought....just don't have to work out on the hardest level the machine has! Last night we went to our friends house for a New Years party. We played King and Scum. A card game similar to rook. There were ten of us playing and I was the King for most of the game (which means I was winning)!. We had lots of yummy food including the swedish meatballs I made! I even tried Phil's salmon. I was once again reminded I do not like seafood, no matter how many times I try it or how many different way's it is cooked. We went over to the bishop's house for about an hour. He was having a party for all the young men and young women. Neil is the teacher's quorum leader. The kids played guitar hero, monopoly and swam in the pool. They heated it for the party and it was up to 90*. We had a great time, but the kids got sleepy at 11:30 so we drove home and said happy new year to eachother in the car. No bells and whistles and fireworks....just a oh yeah....happy new year! But we had a great night and loved spending time with all our great friends. Happy new year! Here's to a new year, new elliptical and to feeling great in 08!