Friday, February 27, 2009

So long, farewell....

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye.
Hit the road jack and don't you come back, no more no more no more no more!
Got any other good bye songs?
As of this morning the scale says I am down 10 lbs. That is 10 lbs. I hope to never see again. 10 lbs that I worked hard to say goodbye to. Lets hope the next 10 come a lot quicker, and with less sweating involved! As a tribute to those 10 lbs. I have one more song for you....

Now it's time to say goodbye to those lost 10 lbs.



(for those not in the know, that was the mickey mouse club song)


Today while I was putting Brooke's hair in a ponytail I noticed a little dandruff. I kept combing and noticed a lot of dandruff. I explained to her that she needed to go hop in the shower and I would get her special shampoo, etc. She got a little teary and as she was walking to the shower said, "are you sure it isn't sugar?" What? Her and her friend were goofing around yesterday and got sugar in one anther's hair. Upon closer inspection....yes it was sugar! No wonder the dandruff was so granular looking! And Brooke felt much better knowing it was just sugar!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time for anti-aging cream?

Friday afternoon I went shopping with my friend. While she was trying on shirts in the dressing room I sat out in the chairs and held her two month old baby. The baby was dressed from head to toe in pink. A woman, about 50 I would say, came and sat down next to me and asked "boy or girl" Hmmm, I thought, all pink. Whatever. So I told her girl. She then said "well if she wasn't Bald I would be able to tell the difference. Too bad she is Bald" She went on a little bit more about how bald the baby was (as if we had shaved her head or something) She then asked me "so is she yours or is she your GRANDDAUGHTER?" What? Seriously? She thinks that I at 33 look like a grandma? If I weren't already questioning her sanity then I would be really offended. I think perhaps it's time for me to get some anti-aging cream.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new recruit!

Here is my new running partner. I asked Brooke yesterday if she wanted to go running with me in the morning. Surprisingly she said yes. So this morning I woke her up early and we ran a mile. We took it easy this morning, I didn't want to make it hard on her the first time and make her not want to go again. I think fromnow on I will go Mondays with my friends, Tuesdays Pilates, Wednesdays elliptical or run, Thursdays run with Brooke and Fridays Pilates. Anyone want to join? This picture was taken by Camden right when we got back. It was a little cold, so I am surprised we don't have much redder faces. On another you think she looks like me? Look at the eyebrows, the chin and the nose.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nothing better

There is nothing better then rocking your baby ( yes she's 2, but still my baby) to sleep. The yummy smell of fresh out of the bath. The rich chocolate eyes that look up at yme with such trust. The little voice that wispers "twinkle" so I will sing to her. I love stopping in the middle of the song so she will fill in the blank, she sounds so cute saying "diamond". I love telling her to close her eyes and she snuggles into me. I love that moment when sleep takes over and I can feel her breathing change. I'm trying to take in each of her features and memorize them, since I know this is a fleeting moment. I use to put her down for a nap without a fuss and time in the chair, but now we read, sing and sleep. It's just about the best time of my day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Even my eyes hurt!

Today's run kicked my rear. Lindz really pushed me to go farther and longer than I normally would. As a result...I am building up endurance....but I am sore. My body is sore in different places. Like my legs are fine, but my shoulders are sore?! What's with that!? And now my eyes hurt. Is that a complication from running....or do you think I just need a nap?

Church bag

I am finding that we have so much stuff in our church bag that it makes a big mess. I am wanting to scale down how much and what we take to church. Somehow power rangers have made their way in....and those just don't lead to quiet time in church. I like having books for Addie to look at...although anything with farm animals doesn't work because she likes to make their noises loudly. What do you like to put in your what age do you stop taking treats? No matter what time we eat before church, my kids are suddenly starving during sacrament meeting. Any suggestions?

30 years and 2 days ago....

in a galaxy far far away (well it was the 70's) I looked like this....

and was enjoying my 3rd birthday. Yep, do the math, and you will realize that on Saturday I turned.....25! Right?! I had a great birthday this year. Brooke and her friend Sammy each bought me a gift from the dollar store. It was very thoughtful of them. Neil and I went shopping for new clothes for me, but found stuff for him and Addie. We had papa murphys heart shaped pizza. My parents left after spoiling me for a week. Neil let me read for a very long time and I was able to finish a good book I was reading. Overall a great day!

*Don't you love pictures from the 70's. I love the wallpaper, that it matches the kitchen chairs. I love everyone is in their cords. In the picture is my brother, sister, some of the Waite kids and a friend Justin Petes. Look at Aaron's adorable dimple....goes well with his red pants!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad hair day?

Everyday I do something cute with Addison's hair. If not it hangs in her eyes and makes me nuts. With Brooke I could get her to brush it out of her eyes, but Addie doesn't seem to care. Some days she will leave it in for a long time. Some days she pulls out her "pretties" while we are in the car. She is nice enough to hold onto the rubber bands and bow and give them to me when we arrive at our destination. She also sits still and lets me put it back in. This is how she usually ends up looking. Having a bad hair day. I wish I could have bad hair days like this and still look so darn cute. (This is her little friend. We had them over for Thanksgiving and had a great time. They have moved away and we miss them terribly!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Playing catchup

I was finally able to get pictures now I am going to play a little catchup. In December the kids had a piano recital. Camden and Brooke are both taking lessons. They have a fantastic instructor, Nicole. We were on the waiting list for 3 years before we were able to get in, that's how popular she is around here. Brooke played "where are you Christmas" and Camden played "away in a manger". They both did really well, especially since it was their first recital.

I can dream!

There is the realistic side of me, the logical one that thinks things through. Then there is the side of me that dreams. Like today's dream....I knew it wouldn't happen, but a girl can wish. Have you ever stepped on the scale, gone running, get back and wish the scale had changed? I know that isn't realistic. But wouldn't it be amazing if it had gone down, even half a pound? Do you have any unrealistic dreams?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's party

I have been asked to be in charge of the party for Camden's class next week. Got any great ideas? I think I am going to do ham/cheese heart sammies, heart rice crispies, decorate heart cookies, strawberry ice cream in 7 up for the treats. I was thinking of doing a craft or two (but need ideas) and doing a few games. Bingo, memory and bean bag toss are always easy games, but you got anything good?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few funnies

Yesterday my kids seemed to be silly. Easton was playing a video game and suddenly yells "what they hay?" I thought I had heard him wrong, but he repeated it a few times. Right before bed Addison hurt her arm. I gave her all the proper mommy condolences and then told her to run and tell daddy. I hear a kissing sound and then she says "I ok, I kiss it better" Talk about self sufficient! I love those two and love that they keep me laughing!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweating and everything!

So I posted yesterday that my friends were taking me running. We did 2 miles. This broke so many rules for me. I was sweating. I was out of breath. When that happens I get red in the face. It was cold. But I feel just a little bit proud of myself. My friends were very kind and walked way more often then they would have liked. They listened to me whine. Now I just want to run on my own so that the next time we go I can shock them with how much I have improved. And if anyone knows how to exercise without sweating....let me know! I'll pay you a million bucks....(if it is an aerobic exercise). Thanks girls....for getting my rear in gear.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great friends!

There is nothing better then great friends. I love having friends that inspire me to be a better person. Friends that teach me things. Tonight we had 3 families over for a little superbowl dinner. Valerie, with her hubby and two boys, Lindz, with her hubby and cute boy and girl (ANDREW for Addie) and Alissa, with her hubby her little boy and girl. We projected the game on the wall above our stairs so we watched the game in a 5x12 area! The men we in t.v. heaven. The girls? We chatted and had a great time together. We always have a good time together, we just don't do it often enough. The kids? Had fun taking out every toy in the basement. Thats ok...this is just the push I have needed to go through the toys. We have far too many! I loved having Val, Lindz and Alissa over. Only problem? They are all runners and are somehow getting me to go with them this week. You know me, I hate to sweat, so this will be a definate challenge.