Sunday, September 28, 2008

And they're off!

Well my parents arrived, I think we are fully packed and the schedule has been typed up for my parents. I can't believe that I do everything that I had to type for my mom and dad. We leave at 5 am, take the shuttle to Vegas and leave for Mexico! I plan on taking lots of pictures and having lots of fun! Catch you next Tuesday!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Janis Fanis

Janis and I have been friends since I was 12...we met at girls camp. I remember thinking instantly...oh we will always be friends! Janis is from a large family (she taught me how to say all their names really fast...and I can still do it...Brad, Claudia, Coleen, Rosanne, Cathleen, Jay, Charlene, Nancy, Susan, Janis, Michael...sick I know) My friend MaryBeth recently did a post to pay tribute to Janis. It was very sweet and I thought I would do similar...but with a twist. My favorite embarassing moment for Janis Fanis! When we were at Ricks and Janis was our RA I had a boy leave a soda pop bomb on my front door with a note that said "it would be a blast to go to the dance with you". Well the explosion shook like the whole dorm. The police man on the bike came riding up and had to investigate. It was late at night, maybe 11 pm. As the RA, Janis came and talked with the policeman, in her nightgown. My roomie told on the guy (he got community service). It was all taken care of. As they finish the conversation, Janis turns around to walk back to her room, with the cop still standing there. I look over and Janis has her nightgown tucked in her undies! Total Janis moment. She just takes these things in stride. Janis is a spiritual giant with a heart of gold. Love you Janis Fanis!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A gallon of gas or this....

You tell me which is a better deal....the 37 boxes of electrasol tabs for $3.40 or the gallon of gas!

Oh...and after making my list for an hour this morning I went back to bed at 3:40 and slept much better...not great...but at least slept! I also have most of my tasks completed...other then getting the house straightened up. So tonight I should sleep much better!

What do you do when there so much to do?

You find yourself unable to sleep at 2:20 in the morning. So do you sit in bed trying to get back to sleep? Yes! and then you admit to yourself that sleep isn't coming. So you get up and make your list for the day! Hopefully that will help!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What...only 5 you say!

Only 5 days to do the following:

two soccer games (Brooke's team has a bye this week)
two soccer practices (easton's was cancelled)
one play practice
one activity day
one school carnival (i am in charge of the food)
one elders quorum activity/bbq
one house to clean
one car to clean out
two people to pack
four kids to get scheduled for our trip
one super saturday to get all the crafts ready for
one apron to sew (for the super saturday)
one season premier of grays anatomy to watch

can I do it? yes...but I might not be able to eat, sleep, or blog!

Tokie Doh!

This was our conversation today:

Easton: Mom, do you know how to say cookie in Spanish
Me: no, but I know how to say it in sign language
Easton: you say "xxxxx" (can't remember how he said it, but it wasn't really cookie)
Me: Addie knows how to say cookie in sign language, ask her
Easton: (in a very cute talk to babies voice) Addie, can you sign cookie
Addie: (signs cookie while saying ) TOKIE DOH (cookie dough)

AAAAHHHH....I have taught my kids well...the dough is better then the cookie itself!

Monday, September 22, 2008


An even better article about Jessi is in the sparks newspaper! Go here....

You registered?

Go register to vote if you are not registered....even if you don't agree with me on how you should vote...go register anyway! We have a responsibility to make our wishes known!

Brooke is 11!

I can't believe Brooke is 11! I can't believe that 11 years ago today I was going through 5 hours of an amazingly easy labor! No epidural! The entire time the lady in the next room was screaming her head off....and I don't think I said one word the entire time!

Brooke had a "double" birthday party with her BFF Brianna, her birthday was the 17th!

Pretty cruddy picture...but the idea was doublemint. The invitation said, "double the birthdays, double the fun" and we attached a pack of doublemint gum. The cakes were two different packs of gum that said Brooke or Brianna instead of double mint! They were pretty cute!

This was the easiest party I have ever had for my kids. They watched princess bride and played a few games. But I was informed that I wasn't suppose to be there for the entire party. I guess she is old enough that I am not cool anymore!

After eating pizza, playing twister, watching the movie, opening presents and eating cake the girls packed up and went home! Best party! We love you Brookie! You are a great girl! So helpful, smart and dedicated. Anything Brooke decides she wants to do, she does it whole heartedly! I have had more then one friend mention they need their own Brooke because she is so helpful with littler kids. She loves to babysit, read, play piano (just started taking lessons) and cook! She is amazing with her brothers and sisters! We love you Brooke!

Les Mis

We went last most with Brooke's friends and my friends to see Les Mis! Our sweet friend Caroline (she is in Camden's primary class) was young Cozette here at Tuachan. Caroline has an amazing voice and is such a professional on stage! I teared up seeing her....I had a proud mama moment for her mom! I was so nervous for her, which was totally not necessary. Caroline wasn't why should I be?! We loved hearing her sing "Castle on a cloud"!

We color on paper!

I find myself repeating this phrase almost daily. And with 3 big kids in the house, Addie can find a pen, pencil or marker almost daily!

I just have to say...thank goodness for Mr. Clean sponges. They take pen off of walls, couches and chairs. But not kids. I got an email one time that showed a kid that had burns on his skin from using one on himself!

What's next....a real tatoo?!

Jessi in the news!

My niece, Jessi, is a budding artist! She is autistic and they have discovered that painting has helped Jessi to progress! Today she featured in the Reno Gazette Journal. Go here to read the article: We are so proud of Jessi and her ability to touch others through art!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am definately fruegal, but some may think a cheapskate. I am always on the lookout for a deal. Why pay full price when you can get 50%-90% off? Two exciting (cheapskate) things have happened to us this week. I went on craigslist (love that....perfect for a cheapskate) and found someone was giving away 4 sheets of drywall! FREE!!!! We are currently finishing off our basement and have taken a break because it is so stinkin expensive. We did the 3 kids rooms and the bathroom, but still need to do the family room/kitchenette area and the storage room. So adding 4 sheets of free drywall is a total bonus! So Woot Woot for freebies. Then today I was driving along and saw where a new shopping center had a sign next to half a pallet of grass with a sign that said "FREE" I called Neil and he is on his way to pick it up right now! Hopefully it will still be there when he gets there, cause free grass is great too! We decided to do the basement before we finished off our the backyard is currently dirt. I would love to have grass back there...but you know how it can't do everything at once. So cross your fingers that the grass is still there and then Addison will have a little patch to play on in the back yard until we get more landscaping done. Don't you just love free! (oh, and I only like free if it is something that I actually want or will use!)

Free Cereal?!

For those in Utah, and perhaps others that have Albertsons (check you ad) there is a great deal this week! If you buy 4 bags of malt o meal cereal they are only $1 each making them 4 for $4! That is a great deal....but if you go to the links below you will be able to print coupons for $1 off or $.75 off one bag of cereal. This makes them Free or for a quarter! How can you beat free cereal. You can print twice from each computer, just press the back button and print it a second time. If you have access to more then one computer....lucky you! Neil has 3 or 4 computers at I get lots of coupons from him! Good luck....let me know if it works. Remember with this sale you have to buy in increments of can't get 5,6,or 7 boxes...but you can get 4 or 8 or 12 etc. Get it?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have I convinced you yet?

Here is another attempt to get you to coupon.....last week at Albertsons if you got 3 packs (20 count) of electrasol tabs they were only $2.34 each. I think they are normall about $5 or $6. There were also coupons in the Sunday paper recently for electrasol tabs. The coupons were for $2.25 off of one box of electrasol tabs. This means....I am getting 39 boxes of electrasol tabs (39x20=780 tabs) for $3.51 plus the cost of buying the coupons (on ebay) So for about $8 I get 780 tabs=.01 per tab! Convince you yet?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today I love

What I am thankful for today:

*Clean toilets
*Seeing family this weekend at the funeral of Neils Aunt
*Aunt Elna, she was a wonderful woman and loved by all
*Great Neighbors: watched the kids so I could go with Neil to the funeral
*Addison's cute little voice: when I put her down for her nap she said, "I want *bankie" (blankie)
*clean and organized closets: upstairs I have cleaned and organized the art/play dough/coloring book etc closet, swim/towels/sheets closet, coat closet, and game closet (I made sure this house had a ton of closets)
*Easton:he is such a good big brother, I love when we drop him off at school he gives our goodbye handshake, tells me wrapped up in you (our family motto/saying) and kisses Addie goodbye
*reading book after book with my two little kids while the big kids were at school
*brotherly love: everyday when I drop Easton off, Camden is waiting at the fence so he can say hi to his little brother on his way into Kindergarten! With all the bickering two boys do, this is confirmation the love each other!
*3 hours: the time I have to myself every afternoon while 3 kids are in school and one is asleep
*chocolate chips for .49/bag (this week at Walgreen's with a coupon...ask me how if you want some)
*making brownies and sharing them with friends (our Sunday dessert time, we had stopped because of summer and are glad to be back into it....we will be inviting more people in the weeks to come (after our trip to Cabo)
*great neighbors: knowing I can call my friends/neighbors at the last minute and they will help me with my kids (thanks for Thursday Lindz)
*Primary program: watching the 3 big kids do the program, seeing Addie recognize her brothers and sister and get excited, hearing my kids do a great job. Easton was very excited to know he said his part faster then any other kid (just couldn't really understand him though)
*listening to Addie sing to herself in her crib while I type this up
*getting my shower in now that I have done my chores for the day (hate to shower until after the chores are done)
*reconnecting with friends through blogging!
*going to the park tonight for FHE to do a soccer night

What are you loving today?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I want POP!

(totally unrelated photo....except it is Addie)

Addie just ran over to me (cleaning out the art closet) and said "I want pop" then she did the sign for soda pop. I told her we didn't have any pop (we only get it when we get pizza, root beer and pizza are a must). She again said "I want pop" then grabbed my hand and ran me to the freezer! Oh pop...meaning popsicle...meaning frozen gogurt! It amazes me that she is putting signs together like this. Pop (soda) is pop(popsicle). Just like two is too. She is now making up signs if she doesn't know the sign. She makes up signs for the kids names too! I love this smart girl!

Goodbye my "friend"

Dear Cricket,
It was with a heavy heart that we had to part last night. I know you and your friends love to visit our house. I understand that with the wood floors and the high ceilings that the accoustics are fantastic. I totally get that. I heard it myself last night. I understand that you love to tease me. Like when I get out of bed to find you, immediately you quit chirping. Then when I sit back in bed you begin again. I know, I know, it is VERY funny. Or when you think it is funny to be silent all night, until I decide to go to bed! I understand that you like for me to sleep with my head smushed under my pillow! Again, very funny. Last night I think the funny factor stopped at 4:30 in the morning. I no longer was interested in listening to you or your friends "play". You thought you would be so sneaky, hiding in the corner of the stairs. Last night I just happened to be a little trickier! Let your tragic end be a lesson to your friends! My house is not accepting any applications for new crickets. Although I have heard the house down the street, the one with the bat hanging around out front, is currently taking applications! Thank you for the relationship we have shared, I hope the bottom on Neil's shoe was tasty!

Thank you


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Not really....but I think perhaps Camden does have asthma. We have known since he was a baby that he has major allergies. Last year when we went to the doctor he wasn't showing any signs of having asthma...but now I think he does. The kids all had a soccer game today and they did fantastic. Camdens biggest problem was his coughing. He coughed through the entire game. I think he could run a lot harder and farther if he weren't coughing. Isn't that a sign of asthma? I have no experience with asthma....any one has any other ideas? I think I will call the doctor on Monday and get an appointment. Even though he coughed through the entire game he was still able to score....and they won 6-1!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is why I coupon

Next week at Walgreens these are my deal: (oh and I separate them to get better deals)

OOP= out of pocket
(#)=how many of that item i am getting
RR is a coupon that prints out at Walgreens if you buy a particular item

Transaction #1:
(4) scrubbing wipes=9.96
(3) scrubbing spray=7.47
Total: 17.70
scrubbing Wipes – 1.00 (4)=4.00
scrubbing Spray – .75 (3)=2.25
OOP: $11.45 w/ $10 RR

Transaction #2:
(3)Robitussin – 11.97
(3) Glade Fabric & Air Spray - 8.97
(6) sunsilk Bogo/4.29=12.87
(2)Jiff (filler) 1.99 (w)=3.98
Total: $37.79
Robitussin - 3.00(3)=9
Glade Fabric & Air Spray - 3.00 (3 ES - 1.00)
Glade Fabric & Air Spray - 4.50 (3 - 1.50)
sunsilk 1.50 (6)=9
Jif 1 on 2 mfq=1
RR from Trans #1 - 10.00
total coupons=36.50
OOP: $1.29 w/ $10 RR

Transaction #3:
(3)Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foam =11.97
(2) Scrubbing Bubbles Cans - 4.98
(2) windex spray =4.98
Total: $27.91
Scrubbing Bubbles Foam - 1.00(3)=3.00
Scrubbing Bubbles Can - .75 (2)=1.50
windex Spray - 0.75 (2)=1.50
Oust Bogo Coupon=2.99
Oust esq =2.00
RR from transaction #2: - 10.00
OOP: $6.92 w/ $10RR

Transaction #4
Duracell 2.99 (w)
Crest pro health mouthwash 4.49
Neo to go 4.99
(2) Jiff 3.98
chex mix .99
total $16.44
Duracell .75
Neo to go $1 esq
Neo to go $1 mfq
Jiff $1/2
Chex mix=.50
RR from transaction #3
OOP: 2.19 w/$4.49 RR

Transaction #5
Scrubbing shower starter kit 19.99
$5 scrubbing shower
4.49 RR from transaction #4
total 19.99-9.49
OOP:10.50 w/10 RR

So I am left with a Total OOP of $32.35, a $10 RR, and I have a rebate for the Action Scrubber of $3.79

Net Total - $18.56
# of items= 37 so I am paying about .50 for each item...and most of these are cleaning supplies with one of them being that scrubbing shower starter kit, which is on sale for 19.99 (that is more then my net total!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

So the countdown has begun, notice my countdown clock on my sidebar. Neil and I are going to CABO! We are beyond excited. My parents are kind enough to come and stay with the kids for a week while we head out for surf and sun and 7 days without anyone whining (unless I find a great something to buy and Neil doesn't want me to...hee hee) We are staying in an amazing looking condo (look up We have never gone anywhere. For our honeymoon we went to Palm Springs! We both had to get passports for this trip and can't wait to get my first stamp. I have heard that once you travel you get hopefully this will be the first of many stamps!

This is a picture of the pool area at the condo we are staying at!

The ocean view from our condo will look a little something like this!

This is another picture I took off the condo's website. Just picture Neil and me walking down this beach in just a few short weeks!

Oh, and I am thinking that I need to plan a trip in about 630 days to celebrate, right Jalyn!? Let's plan a happy graduation trip with a bunch of couples, again no kids! Maybe a cruise?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ding! You hear that?

That was the sound of the lightbulb going on above my head. I have all over my desk scraps of paper. On each scrap is written either a link to a blog or an idea from a blog etc. Well this morning while I was still in bed, awake I got an lightbulb moment. I have now assembled a notebook. In the notebook is are alphabetical tab dividers. Now when I get a blog address I want to remember I will place in under one of the tabs on just plain old lined paper. So if I find a great blog about couponing....under the C's it goes. Now my desk won't be so darn disasterous...I hope. Such a simple thing, but a *ding* moment for me!