Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just breathe!

I guess because Easton has always had allergies we don't realize how poorly he is breathing. He doesn't get a full blown asthma attack where he is gasping for air, he just is constantly now breathing at full capacity. To help him we are starting a fairly intensive regimen. For 5 days he will: nose spray twice a day, inhaler twice a day and 2 tsp. dose of prednisone once a day. Then if he is going to be doing something outdoors he will do a fast acting inhaler 15-30 minutes before. After 5 days he stops the prednisone and then switches inhalers. He is starting a very high dose *250/50* for two weeks. After the two weeks his dosage gets lowered *100/50*. He continues the nose spray (probably forever) and the fact acting. To top it all off in about two weeks he starts allergy shots, which are kind of a pain in the neck. He goes twice a week to the Dr. to get the shot and then sit around for at least a half hour to make sure he doesn't have a bad reaction. I told Neil last night that I can't wait for him to feel what it is like to breathe at full capacity. Most of the time he is about 70-75%. He has no idea what it is really like to not be wheezy. Most of the time I don't even realize his is wheezy. Like yesterday at the Dr. he was a little wheezy and I had no idea! I guess it is like eye are use to what you got, then you go to the eye doctor and are given glasses and realize wow I was missing out on so much! This is a long journey we are on, but hopefully one that will help my sweet guy out!