Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Blasts from the past!

(My brother, sister and myself in our Christmas Jammies probably about 1978 or 79)

While I was home for Christmas I scanned a ton of my pictures from my childhood. My mom is a turbo scrapbooker (she has about 23 books for me and has saved everything from dance recital forms to school papers) So for the next while you will be seeing a few blasts from the pasts. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday MaryBeth!

Good ol 1995...gotta love the denim shirts! (pre eyebrow waxing) Pale faced me.

2007...and I thought I didn't look any older, til I see pictures of myself! (post eyebrow waxing) Good to know I am still pale faced and as washed out as every. Why doesn't MB change in these pictures?

Disclaimer: I thought I had it figured out how to flip these pictures....but my computer wouldn't allow it (it does that to me all the time) So on with the post!

MaryBeth and I became instant friends. We met like the first week of college. We were in the same dorm and I wanted to learn sign language. She, being hearing impaired, was my ticket to sign. So we met, and clicked. We were together constantly, well I was dating Neil and then engaged to Neil, so I won't say constantly, but a TON. She helped me more then just with signing. That was just our start. We had a ton of laughs together. The above picture is her and her interpreter at college, Mick.

The is MaryBeth, me and Laurel (the other deaf girl in our dorm). I have been priviledged to do a few different things for MaryBeth. I picked out and bought her wedding dress, while she was in Florida and I was in Reno. I know, crazy. It was a screaming deal and I still can't believe she trusted me enough to get it. (she loved it by the way) She let me make the blessing gown that both her kids wore (she was told the first was a girl until the week before the baby was born. I had already finished and sent the dress, so she made him wear it too!) MaryBeth made my day when she invited me to come to Florida to interpret her sons baptism last December. It was such an honor. We giggled and stayed up late just as we had thirteen years before at college. She then asked me to come back in July to interpret while her family was sealed in the temple. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it. Instead she let me sew the dress her little girl wore when they were sealed. (she has mentioned that I am going to have to make her baptism and wedding dress, because a girl needs all 4 of her "White" dresses made by the same person...haha)

Some of my favorite MaryBeth moments: skating home after going to brolums on the shined up Rexburg streets, going to many devotionals together, our big group date where we ate dinner in the upstairs lounge, MaryBeth getting sick while laying on my living room floor (instead of running to my bathroom to throw up she ran all the way downstairs to her own apartment) Making chalk outlines of people (like crime scenes) and getting in trouble by our dorm mom for defacing property. Flour balls. Stroganoff (which she thinks needs ketchup in it, but then your sauce turns pink) U8IT. Walking across campus signing, a guy runs up and stops in front of us and waves and just stares at us. So I say, "can I help you" and he about faints and says "oh, you can talk"! Signing "Mormon Rap" for ward talent show. Signing "A whole new world" for a class project. Visiting for mother's week. MaryBeth on a horse for the first time. So many memories. Anyways....Happy Birthday Love you girl!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas....and a little blast from the past!

Hope you had a great Christmas. I was able to spend it with these great people. Please note our fantastic Christmas sweaters, my brothers overalls with one buckled and the other not and the size of my brother-in-law's glasses! Even better, notice how skinny I was and how dang long my hair was. I did the double curl bangs at the time, one curl up, one curl down, then brush through and spray with aqua net! I would love to say that we all looked that thin this Christmas, but hey I was 14 and didn't have 4 kids yet! Merry Christmas! (oh and one day I will learn how to flip these darn pictures!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vegas Baby

Do you live in the Vegas area? Here is a big heads up! Modbe clothing is having two major clearance sales, one on Friday and one on Saturday. All items will be marked down to $5-$15 dollars per item. This means a swim top that is normall $48 will now be $15! This is the best sale that modbe does all year! Never heard of Modbe? visit this site Here are the details of the sale:

Modbe Clothing $5 Sale

Live in Boulder

Friday December 19th 1 pm– 5:00 pm

1507 Sunrise Circle, Boulder City

Shirts, Skirts, Sweaters $5

Swim Tops $15

All items will be on hand to take with you this day.

Modbe Clothing $5 Sale in Vegas

Saturday December 20th 6:30 am – 2:30 pm

Broadacres Swap Meet Booth 78 & 79

2930 N Las Vegas Blvd, NLV

(Las Vegas Blvd and Pecos)

Shirts, Skirts, Sweaters $5

Swim Tops $15

All items will be on hand to take with you this day.

So here is the giveaway! If you post this information on your blog you will get a prize....if you have 10 friends tell us you sent them to either event you will get a prize. Let me know....and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh that snow is Awesome!

Is what I heard from my barely two year old as we are driving Easton to school today. She is just learning to talk and I understand about 1/3 of her words but today I definately caught "oh, dat snow awesome". A: when did she start talking so much B: where did she learn awesome? At least she didn't say A-W-E-S-O-M-E, awesome, awesome, like totally (ok so maybe that was a "rad" cheer that we were suppose to do in high school, but we didn't because we were too cool for it)

Every Bodies doing a brand new dance now!

Come on baby do the Cocomotion!

I have been telling everyone lately about one of our favorite things...the cocomotion. This is what the walmart site said about it:

Hot chocolate and family entertaining go hand in hand. Mr. Coffee's Cocomotion automatic hot chocolate maker puts an end to overheated, overflowing milk on the stovetop and scorched pans to clean. It heats milk to just the right temperature and whips up frothy cups of hot chocolate and similar beverages in minutes.

Hot Chocolate Maker Features:

Makes 2 to 4 cups of hot chocolate at a time
Machine heats milk to just the right temperature for hot chocolate with no overflowing or scorching
Mixing disc thoroughly whips hot chocolate and other cocoa- or chocolate-based drinks at the touch of a button
Finished drink has an appealing frothy top
Lid twists and locks in place for easy pouring
Lighted "On" switch
Easy to clean

And the great thing about only costs $23.84 at Walmart! With the chilly weather we have been having this has been put to good use at our house....and the cheap cocoa even tastes good in it!


I must have Addison completely brainwashed. This morning she knocked a stack of coupons off the kitchen table and said "oh no, coupons". My mission here is accomplished!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dinner Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Dinner Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

I want to have a party just to put Addie in this dress!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I have 283 pictures on my camera, and my computer won't upload them! But when it does, boy will you have a show to see!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Memory, all alone in the moonlight!

Totally sang that song in 8th grade choir! So there have been a few comments about me having a good memory. I feel the need to clarify. I have an excellent memory....when it comes to random facts. I might remember that you had a goldfish named Fred....but I probably won't remember your husbands name. Or I will remember that your anniversary is June 3rd, but I won't remember to say happy birthday to you on your birthday. I am great at the meaningless facts or tidbits about you. I will probably remember doing lots of great things with you, but I forget to do simple things like get pictures taken for my Christmas cards this year. So while I have a great memory, it isn't for the things I would really like to remember. Here's a better example: I remember that Lindsay worked at hot dog on a stick and I remember not being able to shut the Waites van door. I remember walking down frozen streets in Rexburg, saying goodbye to MaryBeth, so sure I would never see her again because she lives in Florida. I remember the dress she wore to preference and what her date looked like. I remember how tall my date was and that he had a sister named Sarah (we were not "dating" so it's not like I knew him well). I remember my friend Janis's brothers and sisters names and can name them really fast (there are 11 kids) I remember most of the Waite's middle names (how random is that). I know who Aaron went to prom with (Rachel Dodini) and I remember some phone numbers really well (like Rachel's growing up) Yet I might forget I told you I would babysit or if you set up visiting teaching I might forget! I guess I am good at remembering how we connected. I am very sentimental. I hold onto things. I hold onto memories. Visiting teaching, because it hasn't happened yet, just doesn't hold a place in my heart. While I love your kiddos and am thrilled to tend them, it doesn't stick out in my mind like the time we laughed our heads off while getting pedicures (I am sure those nail girls remember us too). Have any good ideas for me to remember other things (like to put your dog in the garage at night)?!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Repost with pictures!

So hearing everyone talk about their obsession with facebook, I finally made an account. Low and behold I find my best friend from when I was 3! Rachel Elizabeth (which happens to be my cousins name too) While having one of my bouts of insomnia I did a little jog down memory lane. These are some of my memories with Rachel:
We went to preschool together. One day my mom dropped me off at a friends to be babysat. When she picked me up the lady had cut my hair and permed it so I looked like Annie (totally wish I were kidding). In our preschool pictures with teacher Cynthia Rachel has these long lovely locks and I have my lovely Annie hairdo (only puffier if that is possible)
I played at Rachel's house. I have a bunch of memories there. We would ring the doorbell and pretend we were the maids there to clean the house. We pretended we were getting married in her front yard at least a dozen times. Rachel had one of those great wooden train sets I loved to put together. We played in her bar area. ( I of course had no idea what it was, but there were miniature glasses that were just our size (aka shot glasses) Rachel had a great pool in the backyard and we swam a lot. I remember our brothers walking off the diving board saying "this is Howard Coselle" the pretend they had gotten shot and fell into the water. (complete with Howard's voice. Why he got shot? I guess so he could fall in the water) I remember waiting outside the bathroom while Rachel would get her breathing treatments for asthma. I remember sitting outside that same bathroom while Rachel was in timeout and her talking me into moving the timer so she could get out quicker. In Rachel's kitchen there was a treat drawer. They had those real fruit leathers, not the junkie kind kids have now. They also always had push up pops. I remember walking around the block with her wagon collecting those (we called them itch bombs, but they were on maple trees. They hung down and were ball shaped with pokies on them (great description huh)) We would take the balls, break them apart and the insides were soft, but itchy. We filled the wagon up in hopes of making a cat bed! Her next door neighbor had a slot machine, and you could play it for free! Rachel's grandma lived with her and had beautiful roses. I always thought it funny that she covered them up with fabric! I remember going to "Two Guys from Italy" with Rachel's family. By now my hair had grown out and we both had long hair, but mine was permed. I remember the waiter thinking I was the daughter and Rachel was the friend because Rachel's mom had naturally curly hair. I loved that! I was very shy as a kid, and Rachel wasn't. She always excelled at sports. We both joined gymnastics together and I dropped out when she was moved up to the next level. She of course rode a two wheeler before I did. I was so embarrassed to ride on the kiddy seat behind her mom while Rach rode along by herself! One time when I was having a sleepover I swallowed a gobstopper. I was sure it was stuck in my throat. Her dad (a doctor) thought it wasn't really stuck, but had just scrapped my throat when I had swallowed it. We had ice cream a few minutes later. I was sitting at her bar, in their leater bar stools, eating the ice cream. I look one bite and up came that gob stopper and the ice cream. I am thinking it really was stuck. We would go skiing in the winter time. I remember sitting on the back of her Jeep Waggoner sipping on hot chocolate while wearing my moon boots. My mom always brought me egg salad sandwiches to eat for lunch, and I hate egg salad sandwiches. Of course Rachel was a better skier too!

During this time we also went and got our pictures taken together. We wore matching blue Izod sweats. We also wore pink gunnysack dresses and skirts with fancy white blouses. Because I was shy, Rachel is smiling in all the pictures and I think you can see actual teeth in maybe one of my pictures.

The year of the cabbage patch doll: I had a blond girl with pig tails...Rachel had two of them! Boy was I jealous! I remember sitting while she practiced piano (I think her teacher was my neighbor Mrs. Heinrich.) Rachel had this lovable lab...I think her name was tootsie. We have a video of Rachel, Aaron Waite and myself on the first day of kindergarten. It is the last year when Rachel and I were in the same class. Here I am with my fro and Rachel with her locks of glory and shy little Aaron in his polyester pants scooting along after us (I look at it and see how dang adorable he was) I also have on with my fro and polyester blue floral was a winner! When I was in the 4th grade my dad had to have major surgery. So I stayed at Rachels while my parents went to Salt Lake for the procedure. We called up the "Ninja Love Line" which was the request hot line for the radio station. When we were freshman in high school we went with our families to Las Vegas where our brothers were playing in the State Baseball tournament. We stayed in the Tropicana and had a room to ourselves (with Sara Walters, our friend whose brother was also playing) It was the first time I had ever taken a taxi, we rode in it to the baseball field). I have so many memories of Rachel. We did a lot together. Most of my young memories include her. I thought of her mom as my second mom. It was sure fun to find her again and get caught up on her life, she lives in Sweden now! So the moral of the story?! I guess I like facebook too. Oh and if you go the babysitter, don't let her touch your hair!

Friday, December 5, 2008

So sad!

I just talked to my sister and a friend of mine from junior high was arrested this week for burglary. He was also charged with an ex felon having a firearm. I know that he has been addicted to drugs for a long time. I have had a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that such a great friend can make decisions that will lead him down this path he is on, and can't seem to get off of. Drug are stupid, aren't they!?! I am so sad for him, and for his family. When I think about people from junior high I imagine them similar to they way they are now....only perhaps married with kids. I have heard a few friends from high school died in different accidents. One friend is a writer for Desperate Housewives. That is how I imagine my friends, successful! Any of your friends have great success or great failure?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

lame gift

So one of my fears is that I will give a lame gift. I love to think of gifts that totally fit the person and are meaningful. I love the excitment I feel while they are unwrapping the gift. I like them to know I cared enough to put in real effort. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in finding a great gift that I run out of time and then do end up with a lame gift. Like my brother I have given a gift card to for the last 3 years. While it is a good is still boring. Teachers gifts are always a hard one. I don't really know them well enough to get them a heartfelt gift. I also don't want to spend a bundle. Last year I got them gift wrapping supplies (paper, tape and ribbon) I don't know if that is lame or not. It is useful. One year I got them classroom supplies, but that is more for the classroom, not them. When only Brooke was in school, and had the best teacher in the world, and my BFF owned a cleaning company, I got her a gift certificate for the ladies to clean her house for an hour. It was cheap for me and amazing for the teacher. That just isn't possible now. I hate the thought of getting candy because I am sure they get a ton of it. I also don't want to get anything with apples or the abc's for the same reason. So I am on the hunt....anyone have a good teacher gift idea. If not I will stick with my present wrapping theme. I got it all at the dollar store for cheap. Please help me! I want to be the coolest mom in the classroom. (Don't laugh....I know you want the same be the coolest mom)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Live Nativity

We live about 5 minutes from Tuachan amphitheatre. Every year they have a live nativity complete with camels! It costs $2 per person or $10 per family. They also have a train ride that costs $1 per person. The train ride takes you on a backstage tour of the theatre. Come one, come all. You're welcome to visit us and we will go see the nativity together. (Hint hint: especially those that might live in Vegas or Northern Utah)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We love George!

Addison has discovered the joys of PBS kids. Curious George to be exact. Today she told me "George Bwoken", which really means "Curious George is over" Luckily we have the movie so no more "bwoken" at our house!

How ten minutes becomes 45 minutes!

Today Addison and I walked Easton and his friend to school. I pushed Addie in the double stroller, with our rubbermade tote full of paper to be recycled. We stopped on the way and dumped it in the bin, then went to Eastons school and dropped off a large bag of food for the food drive. After dropping off Easton at class I decided since I had done something for the earth and something for folks in our area I would do something for Addie. I let her walk all the way home. She was giddy with the thought of me letting her out of her stroller. The walk normall takes 5 minutes, 10 if I dawdle. It took us a full 45 minutes to walk home. We stopped and looked at every plant, flower, bug, rock and crack in the sidewalk that we could find. We helped out quite a few houses by returning stray rocks to their flowerbeds. We examined one ant as it wound its way home. At one point Addie blew on it to help it out (poor ant)! We found dandilion flowers that were ready to be blown on. Addie loved picking them out of the neighbors grass and declared that she had "enough" of them, then blew to her hearts content. When they wouldn't come off as fast as she wanted she waved them in the air, back and forth, until the little seeds went flying off like the baby spiders at the end of Charlottes web! Addie stopped and smelled every "pretty" on the way, picked one yellow one to give me, and then told me "no bite". We had a delightful walk and I was reminded of why I am a mom. I get so busy and caught up in the day to day business that I often forget to stop and smell the "pretties". I could have been home prepping my house for Thanksgiving. I could have been doing laundry, cleaning toilets, sewing, or a million other things. Instead I took 45 minutes to do what I could have done in ten minutes....and I loved every minute of it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Forgive me....

I think I have sinned. Or at least broke one of my personal rules for myself. Thursday I went for a jog/walk. I know, I know. But it gets worse....I was sweating too! I went at 7 in the morning. I know. Don't faint on me now. (Did you just hear the song "hallelujah" playing too, or was it just me?) The important part of this whole post. So I went out in the morning....and mornings here are not cold, a little chilly, but really how cold is 41 degrees? You would not believe how many cars I saw running to get warmed up. I mean come on. I can see you doing that when you have to defrost your wind shield, but 41 degrees out? I guess this is the real proof I needed that the gas prices are down!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

One of my favorites so far!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night I had to interpret for a Relief Society training meeting (for all R.S. presidencies in our stake) I heard a wonderful story. The gal that spoke was telling about a time in her life, in the 1970's, when she was pregnant with her third child. She had two children under the age two and was in a very abusive marriage. She had married in the temple and was ashamed that her situation was the way it was. She didn't tell anyone about the abuse. Her family wasn't nearby and her friends we all very busy women, like we all are. She said at this point she was so ill that her children we living on cold cereal for all their meals because she could hardly get out of bed. One day she let the kids out into the fenced backyard to play and left the door open and laid down in bed. She then began to weep and pray. Moments later she heard someone come down the hall and in a hushed tone a voice said "Hi...I am sister Soandso from the relief society presidency. I am new in the ward and we met once. Today I was praying for who I can serve this week and was told it was you. I am going to just sit next to you and put some lotion on your hands and feet" The gal said she was so sick she couldn't even speak an answer. The Sister then rubbed lotion on her arms, hands, legs and feet and then left. She came three times a week for the next few weeks and did the same thing. The gal moved and divorced soon after and she never knew the gals name and never met her again after those few weeks of loving service. So are we paying attention to the prompting of the spirit? Are we praying for ways to serve? If we do and it tells us to go put lotion on a strangers arms and legs, do we then listen? Has anyone given you service that was so simple, but changed your life? Let me know!

Something I never thought would happen

Yesterday I paid $1.84/gallon of gas. At Fabulous Freddy's car wash/gas station if you buy a car wash then they take .25 off per gallon. I desperately needed a car wash so it was a win-win situation. My total for gas? $33 baby! I never thought that I would ever get gas this cheap again!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Commissioned Watercolor Portrait GIVEAWAY!!!!

Commissioned Watercolor Portrait GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the Frowny Face Award goes to...

the grouchy neighbor who thinks it is acceptable to make my kids cry! You should know were the one who put in great walkways on your property...perfect for riding bikes on. They weren't hurting your cement...they weren't even near your precious plants and grass. Next grouchy with me! Or better yet...move to a 55 and older neighborhood...then you won't have to worry about my kids riding their bikes on your walkway. But then won't receive any frowny face awards from your neighbor!

Girl after my own heart

This morning when Addie woke up I heard her in her room for a bit. She likes to sing and talk to herself. After a while she started calling for me. Mom, Mommy, Mooooommmm! I went in to let her out (she has one of those thingies on her knob so she can't open the door). I open the door and she is sitting in the rocking chair in her room, reading a book! So like her mom! I love books. Love to read! Have been in search of a new good book to read!

Been away for a while

So what have we been up to? Well let's see....went with Neil to Provo for some meetings he had. Met up with one of my favorite people from college...Julie! So fun to see her and catch up. She is by far the funniest person I know. Just ask her about the time she was camping, used the shower there...and ended up sliding across the shower floor! (you know the showers where the walls only start at your shin) We finished the last day of soccer (wow 10 weeks of soccer is a long time) had 1 soccer party. I interpreted for 1 primary program! Went to 3 parent/teacher conferences. Felt relieved that all the kids are doing great in school, while only 1 needs to work on talking too much! (totally not surprised by that one). Went to a business dinner with Neil and a bunch of county employees. Went through some of the kids toys to find some to donate. It broke Camdens little heart. He kept telling me how sad he was that there are kids that might not get anything for Christmas. Did my couponing deals for the week (will post more on that later). Well that was since Thursday, so I will finish this busy week and keep you posted on more later!

Nordic Bo Peep and Long Lost Sheep Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

Nordic Bo Peep and Long Lost Sheep Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

Fabulous costumes!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Camden said it right!

Last night Camden said "I don't want Barak Obummer to be President" I quickly said "I think that is excatly how you say his name...Obummer"! Let pray for him to lead with wisdom.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No I didn't!

With my crew whenever someone tattles it is immediately followed by the other person saying "no I didn't". I was a little surprised this morning when I heard this conversation...

Cam: Mom, Easton slapped me for no reason
Easton: nuh uh, I slapped him because he was bugging me!

As long as we have the facts right!

Do you live in Cali?

Or know someone who does. Today is the day. Encourage them to vote yes on prop. 8 Here are some facts I read on another site....things I hadn't thought about...
1) Children in public schools will have to be taught that same-sex marriage is just as good as traditional marriage.
The California Education Code already requiresthat health education classes instruct children about marriage. (§51890)

Therefore, unless Proposition 8 passes, children will be taught that marriage between any two adults is of the same worth, regardless of gender. There will be serious clashes between the secular school system and the right of parents to teach their children their own values and beliefs.
2) Churches may be sued over their tax exempt status if they refuse to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their religious buildings open to the public. Ask whether your pastor, priest, minister, bishop, or rabbi is ready to perform such marriages in your chapels and sanctuaries.3) Religious adoption agencies will be challenged by government agencies to give up their long-held right to place children only in homes with both a mother and a father. Catholic Charities in Boston already had to stop providing adoption services in Massachusetts because courts legalized same-sex marriage there.
4) Religions that sponsor private schools with married student housing may be required to provide housing for same-sex couples, even if counter to church doctrine, or risk lawsuits over tax exemptions and related benefits.5) Ministers who preach against same-sex marriages may be sued for hate speech and risk government fines. It already happened in Canada, a country that legalized gay marriage. A recent California court held that municipal employees may not say: "traditional marriage," or "family values" because, after the same-sex marriage case, it is "hate speech."
6) It will cost you money. This change in the definition of marriage will bring a cascade of lawsuits, including some already lost (e.g., photographers cannot now refuse to photograph gay marriages; doctors cannot now refuse to perform artificial insemination of gays even given other willing doctors). Even if courts eventually find in favor of a defender of traditional marriage (highly improbable given today's activist judges), think of the money – your money – that will be spent on such legal battles.
The following reasons were blatantly copied from the website:

Monday, November 3, 2008

In John Deere Green

In letters 3 foot high...and the whole town said that he should have used red, but it looked good to Charleen, in John Deere Green.

Remember that song? Anyways, Neil and I watched the John Deere special on Nat Geo channel yesterday. We saw how they make their combine. We were very dorky and enjoyed every minute of it. It did make us miss the farm. Although when I think about the hours Neil put it I am glad we left! So here is a little reminder of life when I was a farmers wife (as opposed to being married to a garbage man? Not really...he just oversees the garbage, recycling etc. for the county. Purely a desk job!)

Our favorite day on the farm was Sundays. Neil only spent two hours working (I know...only!), but Sundays we worked with him! We drove out to the farm and the kids played in the dirt while Neil check his potatoes for moisture content! (potatoes are actually a very complicated crop requiring lots of attention) The kids loved it when Neil let them sit on his lap and drive the truck and they loved running through the corn stalks. The stalks were a good 7-10 feet taller then them, so they were loving it. I loved seeing them get filthy and have a great time with daddy since most other days we only saw him for an hour or two (if we were lucky) Just so you know...these are pictures of one of Neils potato fields...not POT! I think the only resemblance is that they are both green...but wanted to specify! What do I miss the most? Lots of things...fresh corn and potatoes the size of my foot! Neils excitement with a successful crop. The smell of the dirt on Neil. I would wash his clothes and catch the smell of dirt which was so different then the dirt in the backyard. It smelled of the earth Neil was tending and caring for. It was a clean earthy smell. I have missed the smell maybe more then anything. Now he just smells like fabric softener and shaving cream. (thankfully he doesn't smell like the landfill!) I also miss the Sundays on the farm. Having him around from 4 p.m. on and eating breakfast with him every morning and having him here on Saturdays and Sundays more then makes up for what I miss.

Tropical Tree Frog Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tropical Tree Frog Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It is the end of October and yesterday it was 87 degrees. This is why I live in St. George and put up with the summers! Really this summer wasn't as hot as usually....I don't remember it getting up to 115 once! Boy I love Autumn....even if we don't get the colors changing!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


One of Addisons nicknames is Addiebell. Recently we have heard Addie singing, a lot! The last few days when she is singing she has been singing her own name. "Addiebell, Addiebell" over and over! She is so stinkin cute!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So I have visited many amazing places in my very vivid dreams. I have done things I would never really attempt (I am a wimp) and gone places I will probably never go (cash flow). So what is the problem with vivid dreams? When your precious babies get hurt or lost in those dreams. Enough said!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Answered prayers

So I have been looking for a piano for quite some time. I haven't wanted to spend a lot since we are trying to finish the basement and do the backyard and get grown up furniture and pay for gas! So I have been praying to find a piano. I have searched for months, daily, on craigslist. I had thought I had found one, it turned out not to be full size. I thought I had another one, when I called a person 10 minutes before bought it. Sunday I was talking to my friend Aja about craigslist. I told her I love it and am searching for a piano. She asks me if I want to "babysit" hers while they move to New Zealand for two years. (They are way fun and love to travel. So they are moving there for two years!) I of course said yes. Well last night, in the middle of Easton's puking, she called and asked if I still want it and if she can drop it off tomorrow! I am beyond thrilled. It is an answer to prayers. I don't have to spend any money, so more can go to the basement etc. I get to help out a great friend. Also, Brooke now has a real piano to practice on instead of the full size keyboard she has been using. Boy am I a thankful girl. Sometimes we have prayers answered that change our lives spiritually. We may have questions or doubts or struggles that require answers to prayers. Sometimes it is a silly prayer like, "help me find a piano". While the answer isn't always what we expect (I was thinking I would find a cheap one that someone just wanted to get rid of) But I am reminded today that while the answer isn't what we expect, it is what we need. I am determined to change my prayers to reflect this reminder. Instead of a prayer like "help me find a cheap piano on craigslist" I will now try to have prayers like, "help me find a piano"! Thanks Aja, you're an answer to prayer!

Couponing fun

So here is a little info. about how I coupon. Sunday afternoon I take a walk with my family around the neighborhood and pick up the ad's from friends that don't want them. Remember, the more coupons you have the more you can get of an item. If you are getting it cheap, why not get a lot cheap. Works great for your year supply. A year supply isn't just for food. You are going to still want to wash yourself, house and clothes! I then have two sites that I go to for deals. (HCW) and (PYP) I use PYP for grocery stores and HCW for drug stores. (I get most of my cleaning supplies at Walgreeens! These are both free sites. On PYP I go to deals in your state. Then I pick which store I want to go to. They have listed everything in the ad and if it is a good deal. They also have listed what coupons go with it. They even have links to printable coupons! HCW has walgreens ad ups usually a week or two in advance. That way I can see if there is a really good deal coming up. If so then I track down more coupons. You can print two coupons per computer usually, so I will have Neil print them off each of the computers at his office. Or I go on ebay and for usually about 2.50 I can order a large quantity of the coupons. Like when I did the electrasol tabs deal. I ordered them, because the deal was worth it. In the beginning it took me a while to find the deals, get them organized and make it work. Now I spend maybe a 1/2 hour! I do clip all my coupons and organize them in a binder while I am waiting for kids at practices. I have friends that don't clip them until they want them because the posts say which date the coupon came out and which flyer it was in (ex. red plum flyer). I hope this isn't confusing! Have questions let me know!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Rock Climbing Fun!

Neil had to take a turn climbing the rock wall. He tried the "hard" side and made it up on his first try!

Brooke made it to the top on the "medium" side when I wasn't watching. After that she was determined to do it again so that I could see her do it. If she were just a few inches taller it would have been a breeze, but she kept getting stuck at this one spot. Brooke was persistant and tried maybe 15 times until she got to the top! We were all so proud of her! We had spent the entire morning climbing around on rocks on our hike so I know she had to be tired, which probably didn'thelp make it easier to get up! Way to go Brooke!

Easton also gave it a shot but wasn't loving it as much as Camden and Brooke. I think partly because he was a lot shorter then them, so it was a lot harder!

Brooke taking a turn on the "Easy" side. She scooted right up without any problems!

Rock wall Climbing

Neil just finished putting together a really big contract at work. To celebrate the signing, the other company put on a BBQ and we were invited. They had bounce houses and a climbing wall. I had no idea my kids would have such a good time rock climbing!

Camden hopped on the "easy" side and climbed right up to the top. I mean Fast! I couldn't believe how quickly he got to the top. He was just short enough that the "Medium" side was hard for him. Michael Dunn, our neighborhood rock climber, would be so proud of them!

You are naming her what?

So I have a lot of friends having babies! (man, why am I jealous?) One is naming their baby an odd name. I just politely smiled and held my tongue. I am sure some people don't like what I named my kids and I really believe that people should be able to name their kid whatever they want, unless it will turn out really bad when the nicknames start. Well last night I had a very vivid dream. This happens to me a lot. I always have very bizare dreams. (Like when I dreamt the elderly man in our ward, who is on a mission, got in a cussing brawl with our friend. What is that all about?) So last night I dreamt instead of the name I don't like, they were going to name the baby "Marison Manson" I really though, Ok, someone needs to buck up and tell them that while the name may sound cute, it is really close to two really terrible people. So I said, "You know, that name is very close to sounding like Marilyn Manson" She said, "Oh no, it is Marison, not Marilyn. No one will even connect the two" She then went on her way. So I guess the awful name they picked is much better then what it could be! You have any terrible names that people have used that you knew were awful but didn't say? (Don't mention mine though...hee hee)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anasazi Trail

Friday we went camping with the Loosli's and Saturday morning we went on a hike near our campsite. We went on the Anasazi Trail which leads to Indian ruins. These date back to 1000 AD if I remember correctly. THese dugouts were used to store grain. The Loosli kids are Ashton, Isaac, Eliza, Oliver and Silas! Easton and Eliza were in preschool together and are in the same primary class. Camden and Isaac are in the same primary class and Addie is in nursery with the twins. We had a great time!

Corn maze

We went to the local corn maze with our friends the Loosli's and with our 5th kid Samantha!

We had so much fun. Here is Addie with Silas. Silas and Ollie are twins and so dang cute. Addie fits right in their family with her light hair and curls.

They had these great "horse" tire swings that were attached to one of those systems for horses where it keeps them walking in a circle. (I know real technical terms here)

Instead of using a horse to keep the swings going there was a rope for the dads to get the swing moving. The kids loved it cause of course their dad is crazy and moved them around as fast as he could.

Neil taking a shot at ropin'!

The kids also had a great time seeing all the farm animals. We love this place, except for Neil who complains because the corn maze is really made from sorghum, not corn! Leave it to Neil to know the difference!


So I am finally feeling like I am back to normal. I am working on getting my energy back which has been the biggest problem for me. While I was sick and sipping on my favorite sugar cookie herb tea (celestial seasonings does great holiday herb teas like gingerbread) I thought "wow, if I weren't LDS and didn't believe in the word of wisdom I would totally be a coffee drinker" HA. Reasons....I love sipping of hot drinks like herb tea and hot cocoa. I love how it warms me up. I love traditions. I could totally see myself sitting on the back porch every morning, reading the paper, while I drink my cup of warm yummy! (ok...I know with my busy house this would never happen, but we are playing what if...and in my what if I have plenty of time to sit and read the paper each morning). I am also very I can see me and my girlfriends meeting up at coffee shops to chat for a bit. Also, I LOVE the smell of coffee (unless I am pregnant, then I can't even walk down the cofee aisle, which happens to be the cereal aisle at most grocery stores. What are they thinking?) Thankfully my desire to be righteous and obey FAR outweighs my desire to drink coffee (also I have heard it tastes terrible!) So do you have any secret sins you would love to do if you weren't choosing the good life? If you weren't LDS is there something you would do? Maybe you would love a glass of wine with dinner (no desire there for me) would you want to be a stripper? (I hear they make good money) Or perhaps you would want to run around killing people (that thou shall not kill thing puts a damper on that one) I don't think for me is is so much the coffee itself, I think it is more the traditions behind it that are appealing to me. So I guess I will go whip up some yummy white chocolate cocoa! We were given a great hot chocolate maker last year and it has been one of my favorite gifts! I hope you don't think less of me because I am a potential sinner, but really, aren't we all!?

So much technology

Yesterday while I was helping Easton do his homework he got frustrated with his pencil because the lead was running out and it needed to be sharpened. I figured this out when he said, "this pencil is running out of electricity". Perhaps we need a week without electronics at our house!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Yet another fantastic creation by my favorite

It's a killer

The flu has hit our house...and man is it a killer. I would love to tell all about the fantastic weekend we had...but Addison and I are down for the count with the stomach flu. I think she is bouncing back a lot quicker then I am. I will blog when I have the strength to load all the great pictures from our weekend of fun!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

My new favorite blog! A seamstress...oh I love the sound of the machinge and seeing the material become what I had envisioned! Locking myself away in my sewing room, knowing I will have created something that can be appreciated. I am inspired by this bloggers mad sewing skills!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

36 and ?6 and brand new!

Two very important people in my life just celebrated their birthdays....on the same day! Happy Birthday Neil and Mom! These two both mean the world to me and I can't begin to list all the many wonderful things they do! My mom is so amazing. Talk about a talented woman! Neil is also amazing...great dad, husband, son. He is such a hard worker and good provider! Happy birthday. My cousins new baby girl Sarah is lucky enough to share their birthday...she joins a great crowd. So happy 36th..?6th and first day Neil, Mom and baby Sarah!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindz!

Today is my friends birthday! Since I don't have any pictures of her I thought I would add pictures of her two cuties! Lindz is my carbon copy....only smarter, skinnier, wittier...etc. So I guess not exactly copies....but we share so many traits. We love to let everything go to pots in order to read a good book. We both have great hubbbies who let us do this! Lindz also likes to sew (as do I). We both LOVE Edward! Lindz is so great to always help me out in a jam and is so thoughtful! Can't believe how lucky I am to have her as both a visiting teaching companion and friend! Happy Birthday Lindsay...hope you have a great day!

Big girl bed

This week we made the transition to the Big Girl Bed. Addie started climbing out of her crib, so we took the side off to convert it to her toddler bed. She is doing fairly well....but is enjoying the freedom a little too much. She spends a great deal of time playing before she sacks out! Yesterday when she got up from her nap she had on four extra shirts....and a pile of clothes on the floor! She is so dang cute.

Also this week I was working on flashcards with Easton. We are working on the words for each number and some basic words like "His" "me" "no" etc. We are also working on getting all of his numbers down. He can get one-10 and 20+ but the teens just stump this kid. He usually transposes the numbers so 19 becomes 91. I tried to explain that the one in front means you add "teen" to the other number. This worked great until he said "zero teen, I mean ten" Then he giggled uncontrollable for a few minutes! Man I love this boy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

more glass bottom boat

There is a big rock where a bunch of sea lions. The boat captain did a great impression of one...they returned his "Mating?" call!

View of the arch from the Pacific Ocean

View from the Pacific Ocean

Everyday there were two or three cruise ships in the sea of Cortez! We now want to try a cruise...they seem like the best of both worlds....relaxing and visiting lots of new places!

We stopped our little boat with a ton of other boats and snorkelers and crushed crackers. We dropped them in the water and a ton of fish popped up! It was neat to see all of them jump out of the water to get some crackers.

I think this is called "hole in the rock"

Scooby Doo Rock!

See the witch face?