Saturday, May 29, 2010

18 months?!

Today I finally took the 18 month shorts out of Addie's drawer. They still fit her....just a little daisy duke on her. Maybe this will help her to stop climbing into the car through the window! I suppose it is time to give up this size....she is 2 1/2 months away from being 4. What about the 24 month shorts you ask? Some of them are still in the drawer. If she wears 24 month shorts I don't have to roll them like I do with 3T. Her "boyfriend" Tyson was so sad that she isn't going to kindergarten with him next year. He said to her, "well if you would just grow Addie you would be able to go with me" Neil's grandpa is VERY comes to my maybe she has his height. That's ok with me. I know she is eating healthy. On Wednesday she had beans for breakfast and lunch. Her favorites are black beans, but garbonzo or great northerns will work too! She would prefer to have beans over a McDonalds happy meal! YEAH! Now I just need to convince the other kids to love beans!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Schools out for summer!

I can not believe that it is the end of May and we are in the 80's. I am loving it! It was so beautiful today. I took a break from deep cleaning my kitchen to walk to the school and pick up the boys. When we got to the school the bell rang. The first kid that walked past us (with his air guitar) was singing "Schools out for summer". I gave a little chuckle, but he turned around and walked past us again this time with hands in the air shouting "victory, victory, school's out for summer". Wow...I guess he was excited. How long do you think he was home before he told his mom he was bored?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost famous!

Back in 2008 we were in a commercial. It was for Neils recycling program. I have since lost oh...about 30 pounds. Can we do a reshoot? The kids look so young! My biggest complaint? Why do they have so many bum shots of me!?

Oh...and that isn't our house. Fake house...fake 4 wheeler in the driveway! Real cute kids. Real car. Real cute husband!

Sob...I am so sorry!

One night Neil and I went on a date. Lindz called and asked if Brooke was busy cause they wanted to go out. Brooke was busy, but we had the neighbor girl coming to send your kids on over. Two hours later I get a phone call...and Sam (the sitter) is crying. She just kept saying she was so sorry. I finally got out of her what happened. She was going to paint the girls nails. Andrew wanted to also. So he managed to pry open his own bottle of polish. So we get this:

Lessons we learned:
1. My friend's husband is the best carpet cleaner in the world. I was going to post an after picture...but I can't find the spot. It took him like 10 minutes to get it up! If you need your carpets done let me know! He is FABULOUS!
2. Sam will never paint nails inside again!
3. Andrew has brute force! He can and will open anything! It's a good thing he is so dang cute and I love him to death!
4. The carpet guy said if you are going to put polish on carpet you should do it the same way Andrew did. He dumped it! He didn't fling it. He said normally if falls off of it goes flying. This results in lots of little spots. Andrew was kind enough to dump...which makes it much quicker to clean up! So...ummm...thanks Andrew!?!

Baby Shower!

Twilight Edition! (All my friends in SG have posted this...months ago...but friend out of state haven't seen this!

We had a surprise baby shower for Alissa and Valerie. We held it the night that New Moon came out on DVD. They thought they were coming to watch the movie. Here is Alissa's confused/surprised look when we yelled "Surprise". We then had to tell her it was a baby shower!

Valerie gave us the same just can't see it in the shadow!

So she pretended to be surprised for another picture!

My friend Brady did these amazing cupcakes. She made the toppers and used "Forks" to stick them in the cupcakes. (The people in the book live in Forks Washington for all of you out of the loop!)

Liz and Kristen made this amazing salad bar spread. Wowzers it was yummy. Can I also add that I LOVE Craisins on salad! (But I don't love them plain)

The decorations were perfect for the theme!

I went online and found this great templete to download. The juice was yummy!

How sad is it that I only got pictures of two of the party guests? Suzi and Kellie! I didn't even get a picture of Lindz, Liz and Kristen. They worked hard planning the party!

Alissa opening gifts!

The guest of honor. They were suppose to be induced on the same day...but Val was induced early. Alissa had an adorable little boy named Ryker. Val had an adorable little girl (with tons of hair. She reminds me of Brooke) She named her Renesmee.

JUST KIDDING...she named her Adeline Lilly! It was a fun night!


Camden and Easton played on the same basketball team this year.

Neil wasn't the coach...until he went to the first practice and the team was given to him! He had a great time. (Camden just recently asked when he was going to get a real coach since Neil is always his coach!)

The boys had a great season and gained a ton of new skills!

The boys have such different personalities and it really shows when they are playing sports!

They also have very different builds! I love seeing Eastons chicken legs and Camdens stocky legs run down the court!

They both get VERY excited when they score! Next year Camden moves up to the next age level:( That means two teams to coordinate. Maybe Camden will get his wish for a new coach!

Pinewood Derby

Clear back in March Camden had his first pinewood derby.

The scouts worked very hard on their cars.

Somehow this is the only picture I have of Camdens car. It is the one at the very end. See that little piece of wood at the far end? I need to get another picture!

I was in charge of snacks. Earlier in the day I went to the movie theatre and told them what we were doing. The manager had them scoop up all the popcorn they had popped for the day, bag it up, and give it to me! FREE Movie popcorn...that was like $1000 bucks in popcorn (man they charge a ton for that stuff). The spectators at the derby got to eat as much as they wanted! Addison and Easton loved watching the race.

There is a guy in town that owns an amazing track. We paid for him to come and time the race. He said our boys had the fastest cars in town! We had a great time! Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playgroup tea party!

Addison has playgroup once a week. Each mom takes a turn, which means 3 weeks off! One week we had a tea party!

Princess Lexi! She LOVED the cookies!

So did Princess Bella!

Princess Addison!

Princess Kara would take a sip of tea/water and say..."satisfactory" Ha! She cracked me up!

All 4 girls in their pretty princess outfits!

Tea Time!

This post should have happened about 3 months ago...but hey...I've been a little busy!

One day Addison wanted a tea party with her friend Auri.

So we got the tea party ready and the girls had a fabulous time!

Ignor my messy unfinished basement!

Instead focus of these two beauties...and their tea party friends!

Sewing for sweet Ivy!

I spent many hours working on a blessing dress for my hairdresser/friend's baby girl Ivy. This is sweet Ivy and her big brother Wrigley (he is the smartest/cutest thing).

I got the fabric at an heirloom sewing shop in Provo. I could spend an entire day in that shop! I got this amazing silk that was a dream to sew...except it frayed like CRAZY!

Mendy and I spent a long time at the fabric store picking out the right trim. Let me tell you that St. George needs an heirloom fabric store...JoAnn's just doesn't cut it. We got the best they had. I think it ended up being beautiful trim!

I fell in love with this dress. Mendy found a dress online and told me that was what she wanted. I ended up making up the pattern....and boy did that make my sewing brain think (which it loves to do)

I felt honored to sew such an important dress for such a special little girl. I can't wait to do another one. Who's next? Mendy? Lindz? Me? (Nope...Neil would have a heart attack!)