Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just a highlight!

We went camping with some of our favorite people...the Connors and Dotys. I am busy doing laundry and getting the sand out of everything! I have only done 10 loads so far...but there are many more to do! Here is a sneak peak of some of the fun:

She told me she couldn't see, but it was still fun!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today I have had a good day...the weather is nice and I have accomplished so much. Laundry...close to caught up. Painted a bench for my front room (it has been sitting for 5 years in my garage waiting for me) painted a desk for Brooke's room, pulled some weeds (but not enough) Neil helped boys in the neighborhood make their pinewood derby cars, sewed, sewed and sewed some more. I also had a nice lunch with just the hubster! Easton went to soccer practice. Neil took the boys to the hill to jump their bikes. Cam crashed and has a little road rash:( He did cry (miracle)! Brooke has tended most of the day and even took Addison to her second tending job! The weather is perfect, I wish it would last for months and months!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Few videos of the yellow jackets!

Yellow Jackets play their first game!

Addison had her first soccer game last was the best thing ever! I love watching 3 and 4 year old kids play soccer. People should be paying them instead of professional athletes. It was the best entertainment I have had in a long time!

She posed with her besties before the game, Adilyn in green/blue and Piper in teal/yellow. Addison is older the Adilyn by a month and Piper by almost a year. Who would have thought? We played Piper's team. The game was fantastic. Addison scored the very first goal, which I sadly didn't get on film. At one point a boy on the other team picked up the ball, ran to his goal, set it down and kicked it in! AWESOME! Towards the end of the game a girl on our team somehow got her head stuck in the net of the goal. It took a few minutes to get her loose! Addison scored one more goal, in the other teams goal, but didn't know it. She was just excited she scored. A boy on the other team took of running and kicking the ball and didn't stop until he was half way across the park, TWICE! I can't wait for the next game in two weeks!

It's all about the accessories!

Soccer for Addison (well for me) was all about the accessories. First up: pink shoes! I looked for cleats for her, but they are like 20 bucks...and I couldn't find any pink. One day while we were at Play it again sports looking for baseball gloves for the big kids I found these used ones for 9 bucks! She loves that they are pink!

I looked on YouTube and found directions to make Addison hair bows to match her uniform. I got the ribbon at Joann's. I love how they turned out!

Addison's uniform is enormous. It is so long on her. I put it on her and told her to make a sad is the result:

Then she did a grumpy face:

Then she wanted me to take a picture of her making this face...what? OK!
Then I took it off of her and altered it. I ruched the sides and shoulders with an amazing thing called elastic thread. I admit I felt a little silly while I was making her a tailored soccer shirt, but I wanted her to be able to run in it without falling over and she wouldn't let me tie it on the side

Then she did a happy faceDoesn't it look much better...I think I still might alter it some more to make it a little shorter on her...but I love the finished product.
The yellow jackets sure are a lucky team to have this cutie on the team!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ready for some good weather!

I am done with the cold...and it isn't even cold here! I am not ready for the HOT...but I am ready for a little more of this....

and I guess this only happens when it is I guess bring on the heat!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am gorgeous!

Today when Addison was getting dressed for ballet she said "I'm gorgeous". I love that she is so confident...and totally correct. It got me thinking...I hope she doesn't lose that. I hope she continues to love and appreciate all he good qualities. At what point do little girls stop thinking they are gorgeous and start worrying about what they weigh, how their hair looks and what clothes they wear. When do they stop looking in the mirror and think I'm gorgeous. When do they start I have a zip, my skin is dry/oily, my pores are huge, wow is that a wrinkle? I wish I had that confidence. I can appreciate certain I love my think eye brows, even through they are a pain to keep up, but at least I have them! I hope I can help Addison to continue to think these positive thoughts. I hope too that she thinks..."Wow, I am smart" or "wow, I tried really hard the hard work paid off".

Monday, March 7, 2011


I think I have an illness...well another one. Why is it that the thought of Addie's hair bows with her soccer uniform make me giddy? Shouldn't I be more excited about the actual game? I am not....I just can't wait to see how stinking cute she looks in her uniform with the hair bows! Pictures to come as soon as I finish making them!

What a saint!

Neil is a saint...and not just because he lives with me! That is the first step towards sainthood. The next step was willing take the kids swimming for family swim night with the school. The ENTIRE school and their families were invited to the public pool for free! You know we live in Utah. You know Utah mormons have a ton of kids...and you know people with a ton of kids love anything free! Neil took all 4 kids swimming while I stayed home and folded laundry and cleaned up the dinner dishes. Boy did I get the better end of the deal. No visit to the pool would be complete without some kid pooping! This was the third and final thing that sealed the deal...Neil is a saint!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

8 is great!

Today we had 8 is great for Easton. What does this mean? We went to the church and had a little meeting with all the kids turning 8 this year. They learned about what happens when they are baptized and what group they will start attending (cub scouts or activity days). There are 7 boys and 1 girl in his class. I can't believe he is turning 8! Where did the time go? He is so excited to turn 8 and gets this big grin on his face when we talk about it. I sure am proud of this boy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

great day...but glad it's over!

Today we woke up early and took the kids to the high school. Brooke, Camden and Easton were all participating in a baseball/softball camp. Can I just say that the field at the high school is gorgeous. I loved being out in the beautiful sun, soaking it in, while I watched my kiddos. I loved hearing the crack of the bat and the sound of the ball hitting a mit! Brings back so many memories. I probably watched a million baseball games my brother played in. I thought it was hilarious that the high school players are growing mullets just like my brother had in the early 90's! Brooke is playing softball for the first time and did very well at the clinic. I was very impressed with her bunting skills! Camden and Easton both did very well. One of the boys in the ward (he is also on the high school team)commented on how well they played. He was especially impressed with Easton's swing since most of the kids his age couldn't hit a thing. Addison was a dream and played the entire 2 1/2 hours without complaining once! After a quick lunch at home we were off again. This time to Addison's first soccer practice. Brooke said she looked adorable out there. Her shirt is so big that it looks like a dress on her! After Addison's practice was Easton's practice. He is such a good little athelete. While at his practice Addison put on her soccer shirt and her pink pettiskirt and danced around the park. I am sure this is a good indication of where her priorities will be this season! While Neil was at the park with the kids I took Camden out to sell tickets for the scout expo. He has set a goal for himself to sell a ton of these things and has done fairly well. Today is the first day of sales and he has already sold 20. After practice we took the kids to ice cream and then back home again. When we got home Camden wanted to go selling some more, so Neil hopped on his bike and Camden on his. They were gone for a good hour or more. Brooke went babysitting for the night, and I stayed home exhausted (oh well I guess I did change out the winter/summer shirts for both boys). We spent the evening watching the new Karate Kid was cute but just not the same as the original. They never once said "put him in a body bag" and I missed Mr. Meagee (sp). I love days like these where we don't get a ton done at home, but we have a great day! There was no fighting, no video games and lots of laughing. Man am I exhausted. Hope I make it through this games start!