Sunday, August 28, 2011

I survived...barely

I survived sending my baby off to kindergarten. I don't know how I made it! Perhaps I have been so crazy busy that I haven't had time to really think about it, because when I do I start crying. I have never had a hard time sending my kids to school. When Brooke went to school Camden was two and Easton was a newborn. I would put her on the bus and then put the boys down for a nap. It was pure bliss! I would scrapbook one page and then I would do chores without helpers. When Camden went to school Easton was in preschool and Addison was a napper. So I again had a little alone time. When Easton went to school Addison napped for a while, but then gave them up. It has been just the two of us for 3 years. I have loved spending so much one on one time with her. We love to giggle together! For the past year I have known that kindergarten was looming in my near future. I couldn't decide what to I send her or not? I changed my mind weekly. Neil didn't, he knew she should go. I told myself she is so little and barely makes the cutoff by a few days. I would then remind myself that she is soooo ready for school. She loves to learn and is very social. Well I bit the bullet and sent her. I won't lie it was hard. The week before I would tear up just talking about it. So to make the transition easier I got a the school...two classrooms down from hers! I am teaching preschool at the elementary school (finally that degree I paid so much for is being put to use!) I had to prep my classroom on the first day of school. Addison went to her friend Piper's house in the morning. Then her amazing mom Brandy brought her to the school at 12:40. She took the first day of school pictures for me (she is my personal photographer since I always forget to take pictures!) Addie came and got me and together we walked to her classroom and found her chair. The teacher said goodbye to the parents and I walked out. I had done it. I had done it without crying in front of my baby and her class. She looked so little sitting in that big chair. She is a tiny thing in this class full of big kids. I hurried back to my class and got busy so I wouldn't think about it. How did it go? Her favorite thing about it was the smart board (this amazing technology that is kind of an overhead projector and computer mixed into one. Like having an enormous I Pad on the wall) Her least favorite thing was recess, it was hot and boring and she had to wait in line for the bathroom. The next day she wouldn't even say goodbye to me, just ran down the hall and headed into class. I guess I should take it as a good sign that she loves her teacher! But can't she miss me a little? The third day she came home and told me she made 4 new friends, but doesn't know their name. She does know what team they are on (the class is divided into teams). Addison loves school. I know I made the right decision, but it still breaks my heart. The short time we had together, just the two of us, is over. It will never be the same. Now I just have other things to look forward to with her (which I am trying to remind myself every time I get a little weepy) For now I will just be content that I am two classrooms away if she ever needs me.