Sunday, June 29, 2008

Submissions requested

I need good workout music. I want to download good workout songs....songs that will keep me motivated. Songs that are fun and will keep my speed up on the elliptical. Any suggestions? What do you listen to when you workout/walk/jog/run/clean the house/etc?

Great teachers!

I am so blessed to have so many great teachers in my life! My friends and loved ones have recently endured so much....and have done so with such great faith. I have learned so much from the way they have faced their trials. Jon and Stephanie have taught me so much...and today my friend Rochelle taught me again. She has been battling breast cancer for about 9 or 10 months. Today I read that the cancer has spread to her brain. She is once again fighting with such faith! She is determined to beat this. She is so optimistic and upbeat. She is such a great example! So I ask all of you, my teachers, to pray for these friends of mine. Pray for continued peace for Jon and Stephanie and pray for health for Rochelle! Thanks for teaching me, in your own little way!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awww how cute

Neil called for me to come quick...and this is what I found... The problem: we have a shampoo bottle with a pump

The second problem: it was on the shower floor
The third problem: the adorable little thing can open every door in our house
Luckily she hadn't had her bath. It was so adorable....the first time. The next time, when she had already had her bath and was in her p.j.'s.....wasn't quite as cute! Now all the bathroom doors are locked and the kids have to yell for me when they need to use the bathroom. I just keep thinking...this too shall pass....and then I will be sad when it does!

Monday, June 23, 2008

What should I be doing now?

Clearly not blogging. Yet I need to. I have had such crazy weeks lately (I thought summer was suppose to be slower then when school is in?) So besides playing catch up with my blogging, I am also avoiding. I should be cleaning house (Neil's brother and wife and their 9 kids are coming tonight...then again they have 9 kids....should I bother to clean before they come?) I also am avoiding my sewing room. I have made dresses for many flower girls, my own girls, prom dresses and many many baby blessing gowns. I also have made like a gajillion (is that a word) diaper bags and burp rags. Yet I am currently making one of the most important dresses I have ever made. When my friend Mary Beth had her first baby I made her a blessing gown (although two weeks before she was born we found out she was a he) So both her kids wore it. Now Mary Beth and her husband are going to the temple to be sealed as a family and I am making her little girl Brooke's (yes named for my Brooke) dress. I love the pattern, I love the material (yummy silk) I love to sew...yet I hate sewing this dress. Nothing is going right on it. I get a little angrier every time I start to work on it because something goes wrong. Visually it looks great....just don't turn it inside out and take a look at it. I feel like it looks worse (from the inside) then the very first project I ever made:( I am at the point where I just want it over with....but I also want it to be an amazing dress for an amazing little girl and family. So right now I am avoiding....and will probably secretly sneak in my sewing room in the middle of the night to get the darn thing finished. (Don't worry MaryBeth....the dress will look great and I love doing it, I just want it to go a lot smoother. Oh and don't look at the hem I refuse to pick it out another time) So now all of you can reap the rewards of my avoiding....instead I am power blogging. (Does power blogging work like power aerobics and help with weight loss?)


The McKellebs are back from Law School for a 10 day visit. We are so excited to have them back, at least for a little while. The kid's picked up right where they left off. Brooke and Brianna gave one another makeovers....with their eyes closed! Such cute and creative girls. They wouldn't let me post the finished product!

Addie and Cord acted like they were long lost friends. They gave each other loves and enjoyed Popsicles together. Cord kept patting the floor next to him so Addie would sit next to him!

Camden and Mason went straight for the things they like to do together: Bionicles and Video games!
The older kids had a sleepover and had a great time! We will be sad for them to go back to Mass., but we were thrilled to have them here. Welcome home, McKelleb family, welcome home!

Cam Graduates (a month ago)

Yes Camden is now a 1st grader! I can't believe it. He is getting so grown up! School got out around the 20th of May but our summer has been so busy that I am just now getting the pictures loaded. My camera was about to die, so I got very few pictures to choose from.

The entire kindergarten (all 5 classes or so) put on a great little program. They sang a few songs and there was a slide show.

Camden appeared bored throughout the entire thing. Although he sang, he didn't look very happy about it!
He was so bored that quite a few times I found him yawning!The graduate receives his diploma! Great job Cam. You have learned to read, do much harder math then ever before and attended your first year of computers and P.E. I know you will love 1st grade.
Saying goodbye to Mrs. Cornwall. She collects frogs and has thousands of them in her classroom. Cam is still growing his hair out and loves that it is not a buzz cut!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My fashion tips

I don't have any delusions that I am in fashion. I know I am not that cool when it comes to my clothes and hair....but I also know that I am not anywhere close to looking like the polygamists that live around here. Today while at the airport picking up my nephew I was able to people watch....something I haven't don't for a long time. I thought I would share with you some of the things I learned.

1. At some point every female should stop wearing short skirts...the kind that barely cover your preference would be before you reach the age of 45!
2. Unless you are a size 2/4 you should not wear stretch pants...especially if you are pairing it with a crop top and really really really chunky black shoes.
3. I don't think that the shirt that you buy for your 7 year old while you are in Vegas should read "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas". For some reason it doesn't strike me as age appropriate. (then again we know I am not a "fashion" guru)
4. Cowboy hats do not go with everything...especially with jogging suits.
5. I know pajamas are comfortable...but some places they shouldn't be in public!
6. You know those really cute chunky necklaces, the ones with the beads that are the size of like ping pong balls, I would try limiting how many you wear at one don't have to wear your entire collection with one outfit.

and last but not least, and perhaps the most important...

7. I don't care how small your chest is....there comes a point when every woman needs to wear a bra in public....I know that 65 is well past that age, especially if you are wearing a white tank top.

Now if I have gotten any of these rules wrong please let me know...I am not here to judge, just to improve my own fashion sense and those around me!

Beautiful Camille

Today I was able to attend the funeral services for Camille Kathleen Waite. It was a beautiful service and very touching. There were few dry eyes in the chapel. I was able to see the Waite family, I haven't seen them in years. Aaron and him mom Kathleen played the piano and organ together for the prelude music. (They are both amazing pianists). The oldest brother Nathan gave a beautiful opening prayer which both invited the spirit to the meeting and gave thanks for the beautiful little girl we were there to celebrate and honor. There were a few very precious moments in the service I want to mention. Camille's older sister was asked if she would like to sing at the funeral. She initially said no, then changed her mind. She said that when she is sad about missing her sister, Camille comes to her in a still small voice and whispers to her that she will be ok. The cousins and Camille's sisters sang "Listen to the Still Small Voice" It was beautiful. Jonathan and Stephanie both gave beautiful talks. While Stephanie was speaking she was holding one of the older girls. As Stephanie began to tear up the little girl picked up a tissue and wiped her mom's eyes. It was adorable and so beautiful to see her try to comfort her mom. It was a beautiful service. I wish I had been able to speak with all the Waites, but was unable to. It was wonderful to see them, I only wish I would have been able to see them under different circumstances. I feel very blessed to have been able to attend the funeral and to hear both Jonathan and Stephanie testify of the Savior and the plan of salvation.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another reason to hug your babies tonight!

I learned today that a dear friend I grew up with is going through a terrible trial in life. Yesterday his little one year old had an accident in the family hot tub. She has been in the hospital since and the latest word is they will be taking her off the respirator today. I ask that you join me in praying for the family as they endure the loss of a child, something that I am sure we all fear more then anything. I also pray that we will use this as a reminder to hug our kids a little longer, give out kisses a little more often and get upset with them a lot less! I hope and pray Jonathan and Stephanie will find some comfort during this terrible ordeal!

Happy Father's Day!

I just want to say Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's out there....especially the two in my life! I have a great dad! He is so very kind. He is thoughtful, spiritual and a great teacher. When he retired from his career at the telephone company he went on to teach Spanish at my old high school! Whenever he visits he does all the cooking...and he even makes meals and freezes them so I can feed my kids after he leaves. What a great dad! I love you!
Neil is the love of my life and an amazing dad. Neil has always been so great to get up in the night with our babies. He is so good at teaching the kids things like baseball. He has coached some of the kids teams as they have played different sports. He is a great example to the kids also. He always does his best to fulfill his church calling, is so kind to me and always makes sure we go on dates and to the temple together. He also supports me in my time consuming callings and activities. Neil is a great dad and we love him. So Happy Father's Day. Hope you have as great a dad as we do!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He's Cute!

The other night I was at the ball field to watch another baseball game. The boy's had just finished their game (with Addie being so darn good in the dugout for an hour). It was now time for Brooke's game, so I decided to let the little kids play on the play set for a little bit. The boys rushed off ahead of me and while I trailed behind I pass by these two little girls. They had just passed Camden, Easton and their friend. One little girl, looking like a Shirley temple, said "He's Cute". The boys then yell that they need to go in the bathroom on the way to the slide. We all stop at the bathrooms, with me waiting outside. The two girls run up and "hide" in the girls bathroom. The friend comes out, and the girl's peek out the door. Easton comes out next. The girls walk out, see me, and say "oh I forgot something" and run back inside. Then Camden comes out and the girl's come out giggling "we were spying on you" and then run off. I tell Cam the girl's thought he was cute, he grins a little shy and runs off to the playground. I couldn't help but thinking....what a smart little girl!
(by the way...this picture was taken before Camden's front teeth fell out. They hung on for dear life. This first one was his "buck tooth" for a day and the other one was a twister. He could twist it completely around and it still wouldn't fall out. Luckily the boys started wrestling and out it popped!)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Week 2 down....and we survived

Well we survived another week of summer! I was so excited for summer. I thought we would relax and have fun! Well we have had fun....but it has been anything but relaxing. Here is our week in review.
Sunday: After church I did something to my back and was not able to bend over.
Monday: 9 am: Camden goes to Science camp, I pick up the teachers twins to watch for 3 hours (they are super great 3 year olds. They play so well together and are very easy to tend)
10 am: Brooke goes to math workshop (she is going 4 days a week for most of the summer for an hour a day)
11 am: pick up Brooke
12 noon: take twins back, get Camden.
12:30 : go to a friends to swim with all the kids. (it is such a process for us to all get ready to swim (the soaking in the pool helped my back feel a little better, until I got out and had to bend over again!)
3 pm: go to friends house for a massage (worked wonders on my back and made me functional again)
6:30 pm: Brooke had a baseball game

Tuesday: Brooke had math in the morning then we went to the ward young mommies swimming time. We will go every Tuesday morning to swim at a neighborhood pool
5:30 Camden and Easton have T-ball practice

Wednesday: almost a repeat of Monday
9 am: Camden to science camp
10 am: Brooke to math
11 am: pick up Brooke
11:15 am: friend Val calls and her gradma-in-law is not doing well. All the family members are gathering in the hospital to say their goodbyes. I take her cutie boy Stockton for a few hours while she goes to the hospital.
12: pick up Camden from camp....we then make a quick run to the grocery store while Brooke tends the other kids
5:30 pm:Camden and Easton have a t ball game (Easton got a great line drive on his first pitch from the coach and Camden made 4 outs!)
6:30 pm: Brooke has a baseball game. Brooke got a really nice hit and was part of a double play!

Thursday: 10 am: Brooke to math
1 pm: I went to practice singing a few songs that I have to memorize. We have a fantastic pianist in the ward and she was gracious enough to help me!
3:45 Camden and Brooke to play practice (Camden is going to join Brooke in the production of little rascals. Brooke is playing Ms. Crabtree and Camden is Porky!)
Neil was suppose to go to scout camp today, but the boys go snowed out (not far from here, and it is June. That is crazy! While they had snow on Thursday our temps were fantastic (Friday was 93) So Neil stayed home, since he already had the time off, and worked on the basement!

Friday: Neil was home again today!
9 am: Camden went to his last day of science camp (he absolutely loved it!)
while Cam was gone Neil tiled the back splash in the kids bathroom. He also put up the light fixtures. Now all we need is the trim and the mirrors!
10 am: Brooke and Easton went to the movies (every Friday at the Sunset theatres there will be a $2 movie. This week it was Mr. Magorium (sp) Wonder Emporium. Next week is water horse! They went with a friend since I was watching the twins. I purchased the full summer of the tickets were $1 each instead of $2! So we will be going there each Friday at 10. They also do it on Saturdays at 10!
12 noon: picked up Cam. He couldn't stop talking about the "Snap Circuit" set he played with. He loved working with electricity and this is a very kid friendly set! Check it out if you have a boy that either likes working with kinex's or with Lego's! They are priced pretty good too!
4:30 pm: the kids all went to stay the night at a friends house.
7 pm: Neil and I went with friends (and Addison) to see Indiana Jones. I almost hate to admit, this is the first one I have ever seen. Addison did great. She loved eating the popcorn and feeding it to everyone. She did climb into our friend Phil's lap and burrowed in when it got a little scary for her. She was so quiet and still through most of the movie! Afterwards we went to dinner!

So there was our busy week will be so much lighter! Thank goodness. Today we are going to home depot kids club (first Saturday of the month they do a free kids craft, like build a tool box or flower pot holder or butterfly house. The kids love it. They also got an apron the first time and each project they do they get a pin to put on their apron that says what project they have done! Lowe's does it the 2nd and 4th Saturdays! Hope you have a great weekend!