Friday, May 30, 2008

whirlwind week

So the past two weeks have been super crazy....I will post pictures later. Camden lost both his front teeth (one while the boys were wrestling, but I must say he could twist it completely around so it was ready) The kids all have played 2 or 3 baseball games, Easton graduated from preschool, Camden graduated from kindergarten, my parents came for a visit, Brooke was in her play and Addison got stitches. My first kid with stitches (proof miracles still happen) Saturday night I was at the store with Brooke and Neil called. I guess the boys were fighting with their swords and got mad at eachother....Neil took one sword and threw it across the room (many hours of fighting boys make a dad lose his patience) admittedly not a good choice on his part. unfortunately Addison was where the sword landed. 5 stitches later we all learned very good lessons! I had to stay home from the deaf branch so that Addison didn't have to go to nursery with lots of big boys and new stitches. We did make it to sacrament meeting and then came home for a nap. So all in all this is where i have been. We just finished our first week of summer vacation. The boys took a cooking class, Brooke and Camden had play practice, two nights of t-ball, a birthday party for a friend, and many more busy plans. Today we are taking it easy and had cooking class and then the kids have been doing slip and slide all afternoon. We are dreading the real heat....the 80's are perfect!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do the Hand Jive Baby

Brooke was in the children's production of "Grease, Jr." which was a clean version of Grease with a good moral message. Brooke did a fantastic job as the head Rydell student. She had the very first line in the play!
Our bishop's daughter, Caroline, was crazy Mrs. McGee (the principle/secretary that plays the xylophone before she gives the announcements!
Here is Brooke with the other Rydell students (Sandy in yellow) and Eugene the school nerd!
Beauty school drop out fairy! Had tutu and wings on. Had a great time singing to her friend Callie (as frenchie).
Brooke did a great job and is becoming less shy with each production. She just looked like she was having a great time in this production (last one she looked a little nervous)! We can't wait for the next show, Little Rascals, in which Camden will join her!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Easton turns 5

We had a great time at Easton's birthday party. We moved the party from 1 p.m. to 10 a.m. since the temp. was suppose to reach 103! We were so glad we moved it. The kids played on the waterslide, ate popsicles and then Easton opened his presents! Here is Easton's friend Stockton on the waterslide!
Our friend and Neighbor Auri!
The girls at the party found a potato bug. Addison was quite as excited as Asia and her mom Katie!
Opening presents! Clockwise Left to right:Eliza, Justice, Stockton, Camden, Bronson, Zach, Colton and Olivia! Eliza, Justice, Easton and Olivia were in the same preschool class this year and they are in the same primary class with Bronson.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disneyland and California Adventure

We had a great time at Disneyland. Brooke's friends have a year pass, so they know the in's and out's of Disney and how to make the best use of your time there. They also know the best places to most of the food was fantastic. We spent two days in Disneyland and the last day we went to American Girl Doll place (pictures to come) for shopping and lunch with the dolls. We had a wonderful time. It was great to get away with just the girls. One highlight of our trip....on the same coaster ride with us was Lisa Rinna (sp) from Dancing with the Stars and her husband Harry Hamblim (sp). She was there with her family. It really mad me think though. The cost of fame. Here she is with her family and strangers are constantly asking her for her picture and autograph. She was very gracious, but I couldn't help feel sad for her kids. Here are her parents being mom and dad, yet everyone wants a piece of their time. I think it is one thing to get their autograph when they are promoting themselves and their work, but if they are being mom/dad then it is hands off. We didn't ask for pictures because I thought it was wrong to take the time from their kids. Anyways, just made me think. We had a super time at disney and came home exhausted. Breanna on the bumper cars in Bug's life land.
Brooke getting ready to bumper car!
Breanna bumping Brooke!
Brooke and Breanna on the merry-go-round next to Screamin!
Brooke and Breanna with Mickey! Gotta love that mouse!

Toon Town

Of course we had to take a short stop to toon town. We only went on two rides in toon town, yet enjoyed them both. The girls are definately more interested in the big rides (we did space mountain twice and screamin)
Brooke had a great time with her friend Brianna and her sister Lexie.

Took a stop in Minnie's house. Again taking a break in Minnie's house.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're outta here!

Brooke and I are about to leave on our trip to California...back on Sunday night!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Eastons room update

This is the view into Eastons room..On the wall to the left of the window will be the vinyl saying "don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" also we will be hanging red curtains.
View from his closet! On of the pictures on his wall...have two from the 1940's of kids playing baseball!

camdens room update keep in mind I still haven't had a chance to have Neil show me how to rotate this this is the view as you come into Camdens room...It is a picture of three vintage tractors...behind this will is his closet.
Again imagine turned...these are the cutouts in his wall for his tractor collection and the fry pan? Neils Grandpa made a clock with it and the picture on it is an old tractor! You can also see part of his shelves in his closet...we haven't gotten closet doors, trim, carpet or blinds/curtains/drapes! It's an ongoing process
View from his door...Camden has a tiny was suppose to be my sewing room...but Easton wanted his room downstairs with the big Camden chose the small Cowboy room over the big baseball room...and I got a big sewing room upstairs!
View of his bed and dresser!

You can see the faux finish on the wall...totally looks suede but it isn't and the chair molding is really rope! I will also explain the carpet situation. We moved in to this house with the basement unfinished....but we have now finished the three bedrooms and the bathroom....we are waiting to get carpet when the entire basement is finished so that it all matches and flows. So for now we have leftover carpet from upstairs and remnants in the basement. I decided I wanted grass out back before new we enjoy the stuff we have for now! Also to come on the wall with his bed and dresser we are going to try to write a word with the buckaroo or something...let me know if you have any great ideas to decorate either room (Kimberly....this means especially you since this is what you went to school for)!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

going for a dive

This morning while getting ready for church I walked in the front room and found Addison with one of the older kids snorkle. She knew exactly what to do and was even breathing through it!

What a little smartie pants...guess we'll need to go swimming tomorrow so she can try it out (just kidding...still a little young)

New yummy bag

Just finished sewing this new diaper bag...loved the fabric and couldn't resist...guess it will go in my box waiting for a friend to have a baby!
This green is the interior...loved the combination of the two fabrics (they are from the same line because I am terrible at picking fabric to coordinate! Simple bag...took me maybe 2 1/2 hours with cutting time!

At a yard sale?

We were shocked to find something of value at a yard sale...this is our big find. The costco bounce house waterslide. It is a year old, but the lady's husband had to have this years new model! The kinds spent like four hours on it yesterday!
I always forget that I haven't figured out how to turn pictures on in here is a tip, turn your head sideways and it looks better!
We ended up having about 5 neighbor kids join in on the fun!

Brooke Cam and our neighbor Samantha!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cleaning the sewing room!

I had some leftover fabric from the diaper bag, so I decided to make a wipes/diaper case. It holds 2-3 diapers and the box of wipes. I don't have the diapers all the way in the case in the picture above. It then Velcro's shut! I put that in with the diaper bag for a great little gift!

It was so quick and easy that I made 4 more with fabric I had leftover from other projects. I just hate leftover fabric, can't stand to throw it away! I made two of the blue ones, another red red one, and the black toile! I put the blue one in a diaper bag I made for my other friend out of matching material! So the three in this picture are all either going in my box of gifts to give away or they are for sell. If anyone want one I will sell them for $7! If you buy a diaper bag they will only be $5, and if you want me to make one with different fabric they will be $7 if you supply the fabric, or $10 if I supply the fabric! These are $7 just cause I already had the fabric, it was scrap fabric and I was just playing around to get my sewing room cleaned out a bit!

I also ended up making some taggie blankets. Little 12x12 blankets with different ribbons on them. Kids love the textures. Here is the back of one.....
and here is the a yummy little shade of purple. The fabric is oh so soft!
I did another in this backing with a front in a yummy yellow! Again used scrap fabric. The cost for these will be $15 for me to sew when I purchase the fabric, $10 if you supply the fabric, and these two shown here are $7, again because it was scrap fabric I had that I wanted to use up! And if you want me to show you how to make any of these let me know! They were super easy!

Soccer Season has come to an end

Camden played his last soccer game and had a great time! It was such an exciting game....even the ref. said it was the best game of the season! Both teams were equally matched, so it was a nail biter! Camden had such a great game. At half time Neil heard the other teams parents talking and one dad said, "our boys sure are playing defense well, cause that number 1 is amazing, and our boys are stopping quite a few of his goals!" Neil was so proud, cause number 1 is our boy!
The day before Camden played and scored 4 goals...he was so excited that he told me the next game he wanted to score 5 goals! On the way home from that game he also told me "the first half we were losing, but I got my head in the game and thats how we won!" (he scored the only goals our team scored) In this picture the lady in the brown pants is Paige, she and I will be coaching t-ball for Easton and Camdens team and her boy Haydens team! She was the coach for the red soccer team!
The entire game was back and forth. First they scored, then Camden would score! It was very exciting. Ben, to the right of Camden, is a great defender. He is really good about getting the ball out of the goal box and getting it to Camden. It was great to see them work together (cause most of the time at this age they just follow the ball like a pack and kick at the ball, most of the time kicking it away from their own teammate)

Bens cousins, Jake and Isaac, were also on our team. Man can they kick hard! If you give them the opportunity they will kick it clear across the field. Both of them had never played soccer before, so they are still learning and will end up being great soccer players! They are also both very aggressive!

Jake gets a scoop of ice cream for every goal he scores. His mom asked me what Camden got. I said "whoo hoo, way to go Camden!" and did two thumbs up! I thought the goal itself was the reward! He thinks it is. When he scores he throws both hads into the air and then walks back down the field with the cutes little grin on his face! Here he is after one of his goals do exactly that! Wish I could have gotten a better shot of his face!

So at half time we wer tied, I think! We started again and of course they would score and then we would score! I knew it was getting to the end of the game and Camden had only scored 4 of his 5 goals he wanted. Next thing I know he does it! He scores his 5th goal, which puts us ahead by one point! The boys get in position for the kickoff and we hear "40 seconds". They kick dribbles down towards our goal, kick, and miss the goal by maybe 6 inches...the whistles blows and the game is over. We win 5-4! And again, Camden scored every goal of the game! With the help of good defenders and Camdens good friend Justice as a great goalie!

Brooke played her last game a week ago. She was a little disappointed that her team lost every game, but I must say that her coach, although nice, didn't do a lot of coaching. Brooke made hugh improvements over the season and ended up being a very aggressive player. Even though they didn't win she had fun and wants to play again next year!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love that Bag

After many requests here is the information about the diaper bag. The pattern I used was F868 by Sew Baby. When you go into JoAnn Fabrics there are patterns on racks that spin. That is where this pattern was hanging. I have loved this pattern and have modified it each time I make it! I have probably made 10-15 of these for different friends and have even sold a few! If you are interested I will do a little sewing class in my home to teach anyone how to make it....or I am willing to sew one for you. Depending on the cost of your fabric, I would probably charge $40 if I provide the fabric. If you want to purchase fabric then the cost would be cut down considerably. I also have diaper wipe case covers which match the diaper bags and hold 2-3 diapers and the case of wipes. I just can't get the picture to load right now. The fabric requirements for this bag are great....just 1 yard each of two different fabrics...which means realistically you could spend $5-10 on fabric. Let me know if you either want a bag made or to take a class here at the house (I won't charge you for the class).