Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's so far!

Easton: I want to move my bedroom upstairs into the office and then move the office into the front room.
Me: Why do you want to move upstairs? (He currently has a bedroom downstairs
Easton: Cause then I won't have to walk so far to get breakfast

A kid after my own comes first!? Monday I had Easton and one other boy show up at scouts. After a tour of the landfill I took them to ice cream. I heard this convo:

K: I think some of my friends come over just to play with my stuff
Easton: That's not nice. I like you just because of who you are, not because of your toys.

Thanks just made me feel a little better about my mothering! Now if I could just get him to stop fighting with Camden all the time!

Friday, June 17, 2011


We went to Disneyland! Brooke's clogging group was performing there and we were able to get tickets cheaper! Notice I didn't say free or cheap:( While we were in California Adventure the kids of course wanted to go on screamin. Since Addison isn't tall enough we went on the carousel: over and over and over! Then when they big kids were done Easton joined us for one last ride. Addison loved it and we never once had to wait in line for it!

Downtown splash pad

Brooke has clogging on Tuesdays. They meet in the building right next to the downtown splash pad/river. We normally go every Tuesday and play in splash pad while Brooke is clogging, but this year with the weather and our busy lives we only went once! We packed up a picnic dinner and went and played in the water and enjoyed the sunshine.


Sometimes it is tough being Camden. Most of our friends don't have kids his age (thank heavens for JD!) There aren't any boys in his primary class that go to our school, in fact they both go to charter schools and neither of them are interested in the things Camden is interested in. Camden is also at times a little sensitive and a little bossy. He is just at that hard age and so a lot of the times gets stuck with me while Addison and Easton are playing with friends (which they have a ton of options. I guess everyone I know had kids the same time I had them!) I love spending time with my Cambo. Camden will ask me the most in depth and thought provoking questions. He is a deep thinker and analyzes things. He is getting a little old for the park now, so while the kids play he would prefer to sit and chat with me, which I love! I am praying a new boy will move into the ward and that he will be a perfect fit for Camden. Until them I guess he will keep me on my toes with his deep thoughts. I guess I should of named him Jack Handy!

Inhale, exhale

One day at soccer Easton came to get his drink and was wheezing. So the next day we were off to the doctor. We only had an hour and then we would need to run to another soccer game. We explained some of our symptoms to the Dr. and then he listened to his lungs. Easton was put on a breathing treatment. Before the treatment his lungs were working at about 75%, after they jumped to 95%! With just one treatment! So Easton has now been diagnosed with asthma (coughing all the time is a symptom that I didn't know about) We now every morning and every night do both a nose spray and an inhaler. He also needs to do a fast acting inhaler right before any outdoor activity that could trigger his asthma. We already knew he was allergic to every grass and plant imaginable, so pretty much before he goes outside to play or participate in a sport/recess. Easton was not very excited for the treatment, but did say it is a lot easier to breathe after doing it! Yeah for modern medicine.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easton's baptism invite!

I found a few photos on the computer that I hadn't posted. This was Easton's baptism invite. It's a good thing I have such amazing friends! Valerie took the pictures of Easton and MaryBeth put together this fabulous announcement/invite! I must say, this kid is adorable!

Two months worth

Well I have two months worth of pictures and videos to blog about, but my stinkin computer won't upload my pictures. Here is what I need to blog about:
1. For two months we lived the crazy life...Brooke and Addison were in dance, Brooke played softball, Camden and Easton played baseball and Camden Easton and Addison played soccer. This meant some weeks we had 6 ball games and 3 soccer games and 2 dance classes, plus practices. What I learned? yes I know I am crazy and no it will never happen again.
2. Addison graduated from preschool. I loved teaching this year and was sad for it to end!
3. Brooke and Addison both had dance recitals. Addison's costume cost a small fortune, especially since she wore it for all of 5 minutes! What I learned? Addison is changing studios! Oh and she gets to start clogging in September!
4. Easton was baptized! He was very excited. It only took him a few months to finally decide it was ok for his dad to baptize him! Whew, I was starting to get a little worried for Neil!
5. Brooke's clogging group performed at Disneyland. She was amazing! We had a great family vacation! Addison got to meet Tangled and Eugene, the highlight of her trip!
6. I went on 3 field trips this year: two with Addie and one with Easton! Have cute pictures from all 3, just can't share them (so mad at my computer right now!)
7. I realized how bad I am at taking pictures, I only got two from Easter, whats wrong with me?

So I have a bunch of posts to do, and will as soon as I can upload this darn pictures!