Friday, April 6, 2012

Derby time 2012

We had a great derby this year. The night before we were informed that the gym floors had been refinished so we relocated to Tuachan high. The boys had a great time and all of the kids were fabulous! No crazy boys running around causing trouble! My kind of derby night, not one dad even got upset! The boys worked a long time on their cars and had so many people asking how they made them. Camden helped cut half of his car but for safety his dad finished. They are already planning next years cars.
Neil's unofficial calling is pine wood derby man...we store the track at our house so he somehow ended up setting it up and running it for all the wards.

Someone is excited! Just weighed in and ready to turn in the car he has worked on for a month! Surprised he doesn't have blisters from all the sanding Neil made him do!

Camden came in first for the Webelos. Woo hoo, two years in a row!

Easton tied with Bear for 3rd overall. He gave the trophy up without being asked! What a nice boy. He was the fastest in the wolf den! On to Expo!

First, second and third overall!