Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scout Expo

Since the boys did so well at our ward pinewood derby they were able to go onto the Scout Expo derby. The weather was terrible, it was pouring rain, and the race was under a tent outside. We were terribly cold but had fun watching the boys race. They did great and both finished in the top 10. Hard to believe that was Camden's last pinewood derby.

Cute girl on a two wheeler

Addison has been riding a two wheeler for probably a year and a half. For Christmas she got a bigger bike and loves it, but I think she prefers her old bike because she can touch the ground so much easier with it!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My baby graduates!

I can't believe my baby graduated kindergarten. They put on a nice little program and then got their diploma. She had a great year in Mrs. Moore's class.

Addison was the second shortest kid in her class. They were so tiny that they had to stand up on the top row while everyone else was one row below.
I can't believe how quickly the time went. Now she is off to first grade and is very upset about it. Why? The cafeteria smells bad! By the way...why is the lighting so terrible in the gym? Don't they know parents will be taking pictures?!

Easton ears his Wolf!

The same night that Brooke was being honored at honors society Easton got his wolf. He has a great group of friends his age at church.

Carson, Bear, Bronson, Heath and Easton

Sand dunes

During spring break (at least I think it was then) we met up with the two teachers I taught with this year. We took our three families to the white sand dunes at Snow Canyon state park, which is about a 10 minute drive from our house. The kids had a great time and it was fun to chat with teacher Sara and teacher Toni!

Addison brought along her friend Jordyn. I was so glad Jordyns mom warned me before we went that Jordyns face gets bright red when she is hot, I was worried about a burn even though I reapplied sunscreen on her like every half hour! Her mom was right and it was just red from being out in the heat!

Arts festival

Brooke performed with her clogging group at the arts festival again this year. It was blazing hot and the sound system wasn't working properly but they did a great job! She performed her duet with Alissa. They took first place at competition with it!

Back up...we did celebrate Easter!

The Saturday before Easter we went to our friends, the Connors, and had an egg hunt with them and the Doty family. The kids had a great time. Behind the Connors house is this fabulous area for an egg hunt!

Addie hunting for eggs!
Sam (had to sneak any pictures of her)
Brooke and Sam supervising the egg hunt!
Miss Piper
Adds checking her loot!
Brooke helping Adilyn and Addison
Easton How did I miss getting pictures of Tyson and JD?

Dancing queen!

Addison loves to perform for the family. She will spend hours entertaining herself. She conned one of the big kids into putting up her curtain in the hallway and then created a performance. She proably worked on it for an hour! I love seeing how her little brain works!

The Smiths!

In June we went on a 10 day trip that started with a visit to one of our favorite families: the Smiths. The Smiths lived down the street from us but moved to Shelley Idaho so they could see their dad more often! We miss them like crazy! It was so fun visiting with them. Jackie entertained Addison like a pro babysitter! Garrett entertained the boys with the x box! I may have started a small fire in their oven with a pizza size cookie for Garrett (which the kids still ate anyway!) I made Garretts favorite bread and favorite syrup which he loves so much we have renamed Garretts Gold! We had a fabulous time with Janice and big Al. The only drawback is their amazing girl Brook wasn't there, she is serving a full time mission is Florida. We sure love the Smiths! (Oh and here are his stats, cause I know you are wondering: Garrett is going to be a senior and is 6 feet 8 inches. He weights in at 305 and wears a size 19 shoes...and yes he does play football and has already been offered a full ride scholarship!)


This game we played against our neighbor Colton!
Camden loved being catcher this year. He loves taunting the kids on base by making them think he is going to throw them out! When he wasn't catching he was pitching, which makes his mom a nervous wreck!

T Ball!

Our friend Wrigley played on the team with us and boy can he hit!
Addison played T Ball for the first time. Neil coached her team and boy did he have his work cut out for him. There were a few kids on the team with little no attention span! Addison loved playing and can't wait until next year to play again. Addie did really well and even hit off of her dad pitching a few times! My biggest complaint? With the batting helmet cute bows are just not an option!