Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Til we meet again!

We moved to St. George the week before Brooke started 1st grade. The first day of school she made a new friend, Mairead. She had also just moved here. Lucky for us she had a younger brother, John. The kids became fast friends and have stayed friends.

We just learned that John and Mairead are moving. We are so sad. So I took the kids to the splash pad to play. Some where I have a picture of them playing at this same splash pad many years ago.

They are the kind of friends that can get together for hours and there aren't any squabbles and not once do they say to me "we're bored". The girls even entertain the boys.

We will miss them terribly!

There must have been something int he water at this splash pad, because it made the girls very silly! So then the boys joined in and entertained themselves for another half hour!

On a side note...when I look at these pictures I am struck again at how beautiful it is here. Really...I get to sit at the park while the kids play and enjoy this amazing view!

Camera Happy!

Today when I was getting pictures off the camera I found these:

Camden and Addison had their own photo shoot. They make me happy. Pictures I would never take that show our crazy lives!