Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easton turn 9!

The Bears!

Easton has been playing on a competative baseball team since last spring. They have improved so much! We spend a lot of time at the ball fields, and love every minute of it! Here are some of the pictures of his teammates...more photos to come!

First day of School 2012

The kids were so excited to go back to school, well most of them. Addison not so much!She liked the idea of first grade, then quickly discovered she doesn't like it one bit. She continually asks if she can go back to Mrs. Moore's class (I am sure that is has nothing to do with her 3 best friends are in that class!)

Easton is in 4th grade this year with Mr. Campbell!
Camden is in 5th grade with Mr. Anderson
Addison is in first grade with Mrs. Evans
I walked the kids the first day and they were excited to get there.
The boys decided they were big enough that they didn't need me to take them to their classrooms!
Luckily Addison let me!
Addisons teacher had to make sure she turned around for a picture! I did really well with her going until the door shut, and then I got a little teary. I miss having that girl home with me! I think we both had a hard time adjusting. Addison wasn't eating her lunch for the first few weeks, so I ended up going in and sitting with her at lunch and making her eat. After eating with her a handfull of times she has done much better with eating her lunch! She still isn't very excited about school though!