Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let the festivies continue

Since we celebrated the kids birthday on Camdens actual day, we did cake on Addies birthday. She loved blowing out the candles, so we relit them about a billion times for her to do it again. Addie picked out a mickey and minnie cake...which worked out great for a double party...half boy and half girl! SO what makes these two so special? Camden is my little charmer. He can just about get anything out of me with his little grin and batting those long lashes. He seems to win over just about everyone. Camden is very excited about getting baptized and has been talking about it since he turned 7! He has a sweet little testimony and a strong desire to choose the right. He is so cute with Addie and can get along so well with Easton (on the days they choose not to fight!) Camden is also a great athlete. He loves to try any sports...but his specialty is soccer. Addie is our funny little angel. She is always saying the funniest things or giving the funniest looks. Sometimes she shakes her little bum and head while she is telling me duh mom. She LOVES her big brothers and sister. She always wants to be with them. She likes to stand at the top of the stairs and yell down at the kids either to tell them to "shape up" or its "time to eat" Addie loves going to nursery and being with her friends. She is very good at entertaining herself and already has a great imagination. She is always making her polly pockets talk to one another. She also LOVES Grammy and Grandpa! I loves these two and can't believe how big they have gotten!

8 is great and 3 is...what rhymes tree, free, weee?

Camdens birthday was the 8th and Addison's the 11th. We opened presents together on Camdens birthday and then went to their favorite place: Pirate Island Pizza. It is basically a chuck-e-cheese, but with decent food. The kids were very excited and had a great birthday!

Cousins take 2

The weekend after Neils brother Bryce stopped by, Neils younger brother Owen and family stopped by on their way to Cali. The boys loved having them stop. They have two kids Alissa and Devin. Alissa is Camdens age and Devin is just between the boys. We had a fun time trying to get them all to smile. Take a look:

So 2 siblings down....only 6 more to go and we will have had them all stay this summer!

Playing catchup: Cousins part 1

Neil's 2nd oldest brother Bryce drove through St. George after their vacation to california. I convinced him to let his daughter Kelsey ( she is number 5 of 9!) stay for an extra week and fly home. Brooke and Kelsey are the same age and have so much fun together. These two girl were fantastic to the little kids. They planned a party for them...complete with cupcakes and games. They kept the kids so entertained. They also went babysitting 3 times together during the week. With all the cash they earned they went to the mall and spent it on matching outfits! We hope this weeklong visit becomes a tradition with Kelsey! She was so fun to have around I wish we could adopt her!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Careful while driving in St. George

Addison is on the lookout. Today while driving she said "hers picking her nose" as she points to the car next to us. "hers has boogers" In case you didn't know, windows are see through and Addison will catch you in the act!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mommy The Garbage Can!

Addison yelled to me early this morning "mommy the garbage can" I look out the window and there is the garbage truck. Then she tells me "I don't want to get in is yucky. The Mr. picks it up, the gwumpy (aka grumpy) Mr. picks up the garbage and it is yucky" I have no idea why we think the garbage man is grumpy, she hs never met him, but of course he is on a first name basis with Neil and we ran into him and his family while we hiked in Kanarraville with our friends on Saturday!