Tuesday, January 27, 2009

50 bucks is 50 bucks

Today I got four checks in the mail...they equal $50! How did I get them...I went shopping. Then I came home and sent in the rebate! I still have $200 I am waiting for. Man I love beer companies (because in the state of Utah they can't require you to buy beer, so they give you rebates without having to purchase the beer)! You get anything good in the mail this week?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Addie is in love

Addison is in love with our neighbor. The love goes both ways, Andrew loves her just as much. Yesterday in church they sat behind us. Addie spent most of the meeting hand feeding Andrew cheerios....one at a time. One of the kids pushed Andrew down in nursery. Addie got upset and told them "don't push down my Andrew". Having Andrew in nursery makes it much easier to drop Addie off. She sees him and doesn't cry when I leave. I got to thinking about how cute the two of them are together. Then I started to giggle. Good thing it isn't Brooke (if her and Andrew were the same age) that loves Andrew, cause if they got married her name would be....Brooke Ann Dunn. Just like the music group Brooks and Dunn! Terribly cheesy, I know. But hey, it was early and I was awake in bed when I should have been asleep!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sledding December 2008!

We went to Boca Dam to sled. Grandma and Grandpa watched Addie while the rest of us enjoyed the perfect sledding weather!

Snowboarding boys!

While we were in Reno for Christmas we went sledding. The boys were able to try out their cousins snowboard....wow was I shocked. After two or three tries, they had a hang of it. Easton was so persistent and went again and again. He made it a good 30 feet. Camden also did well. When Camden had a turn you could hear Easton from the bottom of the hill yell "Camden, I stayed up longer then you" Gotta love that brotherly love! Camden at one point said he was going to "shred it" down the hill! Where do they come up with these things!

Just don't make things like they use to!

When I was little we would go to Boca Dam to sled. Sometimes the water would be frozen, sometimes not. Yet we always went on this sled, the big ski! This is me when I was about two or three.

We continue to go to Boca. Now my kids ride the big ski. Can you believe it is still in pristine condition, 30 years later!? Today's sleds fall apart after about one season of sledding. This was definitely a good investment on my parents part!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Squishy Lou turns 32!

My cousin Squishy Lou (also known as Tricia Louise) turns 32 today! Happy Birthday Trish. Trish and I spent many summers together. We would walk down to the DI and get books for like 10 cents and read away the summer! Hope you have a great day! (Tricia is on the left in the picture with me on the right and her sister Rachel in the middle, and yes our mom's did make those matching dresses....notice it is the same one I have on in the picture of me with the matching hair that my babysitter gave me!)

Jessi's paintings featured at hospital!

I think I have mentioned before that my niece Jessi is an amazing artist. Recently
Renown Hospital in Reno has been in the process of opening a new maternity section. It has family suites and some very well done interior decorating touches. They have decorated the halls with eight paintings done by Jessi. They hang on the walls outside the newly designed and refurbished nursery. This is the link to Renowns website so you can see her artwork for yourself!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unforgetable trip to the sitter

Many years ago my mom took me to a gal in the ward for me to be babysat. When she picked me up I looked like this:

Before that time I had maybe chin length straight hair. Now you tell me, what would you have done to the babysitter? My mom? She was very pleasant and I think thought of entering me in a little orphan annie look a like contest!

(oh and by the way, this angelic looking little girl would only smile if 1)she could hold her hands like this and 2)she got to go to the store and get a prize...isn't she sweet)

Legos from Santa

Santa brought the boys Legos. They couldn't wait to put them together. Since we have Christmas at grandmas, they boys had to wait almost a full week until we got home to put them together. Wow, that was a long wait (for mom and the boys) We arrived home late one night and the next morning we were putting them together. Camden could do them alone, but I still "help" since he likes to speed through it. Easton still needs help, but I simply tell him what to put on next. He does all the work.

Easton with his rescue boat, truck and trailer!

Camden with his Star Wars ship (I am sure he knows exactly what the thing is called and I am getting it completely wrong. All I know: it is Star Wars)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bows everywhere!

There are so many reasons I love Neil....here is another one. I give him ideas that pop into my head and he somehow makes them. I have been wanting a place to store Addie's bows, they seem to be everywhere. I thought of this idea....

so basically Neil made a picture frame that is 2X4 feet and then attached chicken wire to it. The bows clip right on and they don't snag. I love it! Want one? Let me know and I will ask him how much they cost to make!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anything for Chocolate?

Not my girl. We are trying to potty train little miss. I of course am trying the bribery method....if you potty you can have a candy. "No Potty, Mommy" How about some chocolate "no potty, mommy" Hmmm....what can I give her that she will actually use for incentive? I got it, how about some lipstick (aka chap stick). "go get it mommy (pushes me) I get the chap stick, she sits there, wants the chap stick. I give it to her and she holds it while she goes potty! (Cap on, I know gross, but it is now officially her "potty" chapstick and will get a new and clean one when she is all done. So do we do anything for chocolate? No, but for pretties, now that is another story?

A little chuckle!

I found myself giggling today when I remembered something that happened about 3 years ago. We had just moved into our house and for Christmas the boys got duvet covers for their bunkbed, although we had the bunks separated at the time. I asked Neil to go make the beds for the boys while I was doing something else. I was surprised at how long it took him, but figured maybe he was playing with the boys or something. I went into the room to see the new duvets on and I found that Neil had no idea what a duvet is! He had unbuttoned the duvet, opened it up and put the mattress inside of the duvet, like you would put a pillow in a pillowcase.. The entire mattress! He thought it was to keep the covers from falling off the bed! No wonder it took such a long time. I bet it was a pain to get those in there!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Modbe blowout sale!

I wanted to quickly let you know about the huge blowout sale Modbe is having right now online. If you haven't purchased Modbe clothes before, they are designed with modesty, style and comfort in mind. It's nice to have a more options to dress modestly and look great. The shirts are longer in length, neck lines are higher, the jeans are low rise in front, but come up higher in the back to avoid problems when bending down, and the tankini's are amazing.

Modbe is getting ready for their new spring line 2009 to come out and they are making room in their warehouse with a HUGE blowout sale, many items up to 65% off. It's a great time to buy for yourself, or stock up on presents for others. There are women's, plus size and maternity wear.

Shop Now:www.modbeclothing.com/shelleys

The sale only lasts 2 more days, so shop now for best selection and savings! Enter party code #: 1344 at checkout for an additional 10% off sale prices with the purchase of 3 items or more!

Please let me know if you have any questions on sizing or want to host a party and earn free clothes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kids and Chores

In addition to their regular chores, the kids will this year have "decluttering" chores. Each day I will add on a small chore that will help get rid of extra junk in the house and hopefully help them develop better habits. Here are next weeks chores:

Monday-We are taking a walk! Let's take a walk through our houses and find 10 things that belong in our rooms and put them away. If you have left any shoes, jackets, toys or books lying around the house now is the time to return them to their home.

Tuesday-We are going to go into our rooms and get all of the clothes that are on the floor and put away what is clean and put the dirty clothes in the hamper or basket.

Wednesday-Today we are going to go after all of our books. Let's take a walk through our house and look for any of our books that we have left around.

Thursday-Today we going to look around our rooms at the flat surfaces of our furniture. The desk, the dresser and the nightstands. These are the places that we will just pile things on instead of throwing them away or putting them away. We are going to set a timer for 5 minutes and see how much we can throw away and put away.

Friday-Today it is time to dust! Get a feather duster and dust your dresser, nightstands and desks!

Hopefully these will catch on and become a part of their normal routine. Each activity takes about 5-15 minutes. We start Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes!