Wednesday, October 28, 2009


After the funny/interesting things Easton has said in the last few weeks (including asking if the "F" word was a bad word), Easton has redeemed himself. Last night at dinner he was "helping" Addie say the prayer. He blessed the food and then said "we are thankful we are warm and cozy in our home" and "please bless us that we will live with Heavenly Father again" It is so cute to hear Addie try to copy what he tells her to say. Most of the time she ends up saying the last two words of his sentance. Hearing Easton give a prayer is one of the perks of being a mom.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's faster this way!

Today Easton came into my bedroom to get his hair combed. I noticed that I could see an orange shirt under his dress shirt. I said, "East, you have to wear a white undershirt...take it off" A minute later I asked Neil to pull down Eastons pants...they were a little high on his waist. Neil tries to but realizes Easton has shorts on under his dress pants. When asked why he had both a shirt and shorts on under his suit Easton replied, "I wanted to get dressed faster after church" Oh this boy makes me laugh. Of course...wear two outfits at once so that it is quicker to get changed later!

You did that where?

Behind our house is an empty lot. We have a block wall fence...and then the lot. On both sides of the lot are houses. The windows on the back of our house are level with the lot behind the fence doesn't keep people from seeing into our house. It also doesn't block us from seeing out. This morning the kids were wrestling with Neil in the family room. Neil sees a woman walking along the fence...on the empty lot. He then sees her look around and then drop down and SQUAT in the empty lot. There are no trees...there is nothing to hide her...there are a lot of houses around. She stands up...pulls up her drawers....and continues on her jog. I know that sometimes joggers need potty breaks. I understand that. Here is a word of advice: if she had jogged up the hill and crossed one street she would have been in a huge empty field...with lots of bushes and sage brush to hide her. Next time...think before you squat!

It's all about the eyes!

Jealous....that is how I feel when I look at the eyes and lases on these two boys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

X rated...and an apology to a teacher

Easton brought home a packet from school. This paper was included....

It says: I feel bad when my brother kicks me in the privates it hurts really really bad. On the back was another picture with the caption: I feel angry when I get in trouble for nothing (spelled nofing) I say but I didn't do one thing.

A few notes on this homework:
1.I apologize to the teacher for the graphic nature of this photo.
2.Why don't I ever hear about this happening? Easton needs to tattle more (something Camden is very good at)
3.I can't tell you how relieved I am that he used the words "my privates" instead of something else...which he does try to say at home but gets in trouble for.
4.That is a fabulous drawing!
5.Easton spells VERY phoneticly (cics instead of kicks)
6.Easton hears a W instead of an R (wileey wileey instead of really really)

I apologize now if your children were in the room when this picture came x rated homework paper from my 6 year old!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have a hard time falling asleep

Addison doesn't have the same problem. We have found her asleep:

In the bike trailer

In the hallway

In the bath

Saying her prayers

and sitting up in bed watching t.v.

If only it were so easy for me! At night we now tell her it is bed time. She runs into her room and gets ready to say her prayers. After she says her prayers (which always include "bless grandma and grandpa and Auri and Andrew") she climbs into bed and snuggles down. We don't hear a peep from her. Most mornings she wakes up and starts playing with her dollhouse. She is such a happy girl....most of the time!