Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I caught Addie in her first lie. I need to begin this post by saying that everyday I do something cute with Addies hair and everyday she pulls it out. She does it when she get sleepy...either in bed or in the car. She does it so much that I have a stash of rubberbands in the car so I can put it back up before we go into stores. Today we went and got the oil changed. She was sleepy. While sitting and waiting I turn around and she had pulled her hair out. I asked her if she was suppose to pull it out and she told me "Daddy said no" I said, "Daddy said not to pull it out?" "No", she said "Daddy said no ponies" What? Daddy would never tell her she is not allowed to have ponies. 2 and already telling a lie...that would get her daddy in trouble! So I caught her in her first lie. I thought to myself....if you're going to lie, make it believeable!


Megan said...

Those darn dads!! :) Loved that cute story. I believe her!

Linz said...

D'oh!!! Yikes!

Harts said...

wow, she is a smart little girl, I still don't think Stock has lied to me...however I think it's because he doesn't know how ha ha ha. I will see you Monday bright and early (no, no wait, stupid time change, see you dark and early Monday)