Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the 4th as it should be

We spent the 4th as it should be...with our friends the McKellebs. We always watch the fireworks with the McKellebs....last year they were living in we watched with their cousins instead. This year they are living in Vegas, so things were back to normal. We watched the fireworks with our good friends!

Addie and Cord having fun together! (I realize the pictures are blurry...sorry Jalyn)

Addie and Cord were scaring the parents by climbing this fence. It was a big dropoff on the other side.

Cam and Addie enjoying the fireworks!

Brooke and Bri....they had a sleepover the night before and always have a great time together!

Camden, Mason and his cousin Ethan(?) We sure miss having this kids at the end of our street!

The whole crowd watching the fireworks! We have a great time parked on top of the blue bunny parking garage! Lets do it again next year!


mckellebmassmemo said...

I enjoyed talking with you more than the fireworks!!! We miss you guys too! I can't post my pics yet because my computer is stupid and I haven't been able to use Mike's. FYI- I realized that August 8th is the day we are headed down to San Diego for a week. I'm bummed we'll miss the baptism.

Darleen said...

Look at Addie's blonde curly hair! So cute. I love the picture of everyone piled in the truck.

Harts said...

How fun, I am glad you got to spend it with them, it's fun they live close again. The "blue bunny" building for watching fire works is a great idea!