Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's faster this way!

Today Easton came into my bedroom to get his hair combed. I noticed that I could see an orange shirt under his dress shirt. I said, "East, you have to wear a white undershirt...take it off" A minute later I asked Neil to pull down Eastons pants...they were a little high on his waist. Neil tries to but realizes Easton has shorts on under his dress pants. When asked why he had both a shirt and shorts on under his suit Easton replied, "I wanted to get dressed faster after church" Oh this boy makes me laugh. Of course...wear two outfits at once so that it is quicker to get changed later!


Linz said...

Makes perfect sense to me! =D

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Oh, this is so Cole he has been trying to pull this one off for a year now. The shirt under is always to dark with a white shirt. So now he tries it with his collard shirts. Sometimes successfully.


Darleen said...

Smart idea!

Oh...I love the post about the x-rated homework! LOL!!