Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last night after the big kids went to bed I had a chat with Addison. I love to ask her questions and see what her answers are. I love the way her mind thinks. A few of the awesome things she said last night included:

me: what is grandmas job?
A: Ummmm (tapping finger on chin) I don't know
me: what is grandpas job?
A: oh, he is on a mission

and another one:

A: I want Andrew and Auri to come over and play....well the point is you see

(what 3 year old says "well the point is"

We have a favorite missionary....he is in Korea...and his last day is Friday. I was talking to her about Duncan and he comes home next week.
Me: Duncan comes home next week, he is in Korea
A: EWW...poops and Diarrhea....Duncan has rhea?
me: (after trying really hard not to laugh) no Korea, not diarrhea, Korea....like China it is far away (Duncan's dad works in China)
A: Oh China...Phil goes to China
Me: what does Phil do in China
A: he feeds people...bones....big bones and little bones (what?)
then noticing her dad is sitting across the couch laughing
A: Dads joking me

Oh the funny things this girl says!


Linz said...

That IS funny! What a cute girl! And btw - I LOVE the new picture up top! So cute!!