Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sitting around eating bon bons?

Nope. About a month ago I took almost everything out of the office/sewing room/ black hole! It took me almost 3 weeks to get everything back in the way I wanted it.

We had two base kitchen cabinets in the garage waiting to be used. I had Neil put them together and then we went to home depot and got the counter top. The drawer face came off of the one cabinet...but Neil just needs to put it back on....just didn't do it before I snapped a picture. I moved all my thread from different catch all locations and put it on the one rack that I got at Joann's. After I had it all organized by color I found that Addison had fun rearranging it all! What a big helper! In the front of the picture you can see my new cricut I got for Christmas!

Because the counter top is on top of kitchen cabinets the desk is a little high. I looked for chairs with backs and they were expensive. One day at Ace Hardware I was buying fabric...what a shock...and saw this chair for $20! It is very comfortable! Under the desk are some drawers to organize projects. Neil is going to drill a hole in the counter top for my sewing machine cord as soon as I decide where I want it. I want to sew a little more before I decide for sure!

Inside the closet I have organized like crazy. I went to the dollar store and got shoe boxes (great idea Val). This shelf has boxes of projects I need to finish. I decided not to buy another project until one of the boxes is empty. I have 9 boxes of I am trying to be better at finishing some!

At Walmart I got these drawers. I have one for each kid. Now when they bring home a school project I want to keep or if I have pictures I need to put in their scrapbook I put it right into their drawer!

Turn your head sideways to get the full effect. On the bottom right is my serger and other sewing machine. It needs to be serviced...then I can have both up and running and switch between two machines instead of switching thread! The shelf above that is sewing notions. I grouped everything into different boxes. Hair bow supplies, ric rac, stamps. The shelf above has sewing projects and more crafting supplies. The next shelf is more unfinished projects. And the top shelf is jewelry making supplies and batting! To the left of the shelves are the kids drawers. Under that are the four drawers full of fabric. Each drawer has a different type of fabric: cotton, minkie, flannel and interfacing/batting! The tall stack of drawers on the left hold all the other misc. supplies I have. Ribbon, glue, paint, scissors etc. I love that everything is labeled! The top shelf? Well just pretend it isn't there....I ran out of steam. I need to finish a few projects and most of that shelf will be empty! So there you have it...the beloved sewing room...which is no longer the black hole of the house!


Doty Family said...

Looks good!

MB said...

I am jealous of your room!! looks great.. good organization!!

What's a cricut tho?