Monday, April 19, 2010

Where have I been!

Since our trip to California things have been a little crazy. Here are the things I need to blog, but haven't had time for:

*Helping with a New Moon baby shower for my friends Alissa and was a fun night!
*Easton getting his tonsils out:Easton was a trooper....he must have the highest pain tolerance. If you ask him how it was he will tell you it wasn't that bad! This made for a very happy mama...only two nights were we up to give him pain meds....just in case. I didn't want him to go a long time without the meds!
*Brooke and her clogging group getting 1st place at competition...they qualified for nationals! Brooke and her partner Alissa also won first in their pairs dance!
*Camden playing on his competitive soccer team! I love watching these boys...they work hard and it shows!
*Camden and Easton playing baseball...with Neil coaching again! There is nothing like baseball...and both boys are playing so well!
*Addison started ballet...she is so cute in her little leo and leg warmers!
*Sewing: I have been crazy busy...blessing dress for friend, chair recover for another friend
*Scout Expo: Camden sold the most tickets in his pack...he worked very had, I made him do it himself. We watched as he went door to door and gave a little prepared speech!
*weekend in Vegas: We made a very quick overnight trip to Vegas to see my sister on her way through town and then have dinner with our friends the McKellebs! Wish the trip had been a little longer!
*Easter....I was a bad mom and got like 1 picture:( The kids did have a great day though.
These are the things I hope to get posted...we will see if it happens!


Kristy Lou said...

Don't feel too bad, I have a million I need to do also... including the New Moon shower. :/