Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Addison's first dance recital!

Addison had her first dance recital last night. It was the cutest thing E V E R! Addison and her bestie Adilyn kept looking at one another and giggling. I asked her if she could see her teacher in front of the stage and she replied..."I could see her hair!" Watch the video to see what she is talking about! Silly girl! On the way home in the car she announced "my recital is over". It was so fun to watch...and only about a half an hour...way to go teacher Trista!The entire class!

The pretty ballerina!

Addison and her bestie Adilyn. Yes Adilyn is younger then Addison by a month. She is tall and Addie is short. Those two sure can giggle and have fun together.

See how the two of them are looking at one another....ready to start giggling again! They both did a great job!


Linz said...

SOOOOO cute! She is darling!