Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Reunion

This summer we had a family reunion in Centerville. My mom's sibilings all made it. My mom and dad couldn't make it because it was right before my dad had cataract surgery and he wasn't really suppose to drive. It was so humid that day...but we had a great time!
Aunt Deb with the nieces:Jamie, Julie, Jennifer, Aunt Deb, Cindy and me!
Uncle Mert/Dave (depending on which family you are in...some call him Dave, we call him Mert), Aunt Deb and Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron is my mom's brother, their mom remarried Papa Egan. He already had a son Mert/Dave. Papa Egan and Grandma had a daughter:Debbi. There you go...confused?
Some of the Boyle family. Grandma is a Boyle and some of Boyle side came! I was in heaven looking at all of the pictures I had never seen before!