Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Smiths!

In June we went on a 10 day trip that started with a visit to one of our favorite families: the Smiths. The Smiths lived down the street from us but moved to Shelley Idaho so they could see their dad more often! We miss them like crazy! It was so fun visiting with them. Jackie entertained Addison like a pro babysitter! Garrett entertained the boys with the x box! I may have started a small fire in their oven with a pizza size cookie for Garrett (which the kids still ate anyway!) I made Garretts favorite bread and favorite syrup which he loves so much we have renamed Garretts Gold! We had a fabulous time with Janice and big Al. The only drawback is their amazing girl Brook wasn't there, she is serving a full time mission is Florida. We sure love the Smiths! (Oh and here are his stats, cause I know you are wondering: Garrett is going to be a senior and is 6 feet 8 inches. He weights in at 305 and wears a size 19 shoes...and yes he does play football and has already been offered a full ride scholarship!)