Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girl after my own heart

This morning when Addie woke up I heard her in her room for a bit. She likes to sing and talk to herself. After a while she started calling for me. Mom, Mommy, Mooooommmm! I went in to let her out (she has one of those thingies on her knob so she can't open the door). I open the door and she is sitting in the rocking chair in her room, reading a book! So like her mom! I love books. Love to read! Have been in search of a new good book to read!


Linz said...

SO cute! She's my kind of girl too!

Shelly said...

Yeah! My boss recommended "The Message" by Lance Richardson. So I'm going to give that one a try.

trish and derek said...

remember the summer when we went to di every other day and bought like 10 novels for a buck and devoured them? those were the days. i think we stayed in bed and read 1/2 the day away.