Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night I had to interpret for a Relief Society training meeting (for all R.S. presidencies in our stake) I heard a wonderful story. The gal that spoke was telling about a time in her life, in the 1970's, when she was pregnant with her third child. She had two children under the age two and was in a very abusive marriage. She had married in the temple and was ashamed that her situation was the way it was. She didn't tell anyone about the abuse. Her family wasn't nearby and her friends we all very busy women, like we all are. She said at this point she was so ill that her children we living on cold cereal for all their meals because she could hardly get out of bed. One day she let the kids out into the fenced backyard to play and left the door open and laid down in bed. She then began to weep and pray. Moments later she heard someone come down the hall and in a hushed tone a voice said "Hi...I am sister Soandso from the relief society presidency. I am new in the ward and we met once. Today I was praying for who I can serve this week and was told it was you. I am going to just sit next to you and put some lotion on your hands and feet" The gal said she was so sick she couldn't even speak an answer. The Sister then rubbed lotion on her arms, hands, legs and feet and then left. She came three times a week for the next few weeks and did the same thing. The gal moved and divorced soon after and she never knew the gals name and never met her again after those few weeks of loving service. So are we paying attention to the prompting of the spirit? Are we praying for ways to serve? If we do and it tells us to go put lotion on a strangers arms and legs, do we then listen? Has anyone given you service that was so simple, but changed your life? Let me know!


Janae said...

I could honestly say yes. This pregnancy I have been really sick and one day my husband had meetings and I was so overwhelmed I was cleaning a very dirty toilet and just started sobbing. I prayed that someone would call me just to talk. right when I said amen my sister in law walked into my house to see how I was doing. I could not believe that she came so quick but she said she felt like she needed to come and see me. It felt good just to talk to someone.

Linz said...

Thanks for this beautiful story. I remember shortly after I had my second miscarriage, Molly Marshall showed up at my door with cookies, hugs, and a few tears. It meant so much to me.

And you, Shelley, are a continual answer to prayers. I don't know what I would do without you as my neighbor and friend! Love you!