Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He graduates!

Easton graduated from Kindergarten last week. They had a cute little program and then they received their diplomas. This is Easton and his teacher Mrs. Cornwall. She is a strict but loving teacher. The kids sure learn a lot in her classroom. I was thrilled Easton had her.

Easton with his friends Mason, Bear (Baringer) and Hayden.

Easton and his best friend Justice. I switch tending with Justice's mom so they boys play together Mon-Thurs. They have a great time. You should also hear Addie say his name...more like Sustis!

During the program. This is so Easton....waiting for the teachers instructions while the other kids misbehave. The teacher often put Easton as her monitor. He is very good at making sure the other kids do what they are suppose to.

And a smile for mom!


Linz said...

Yea Easton!

MB said...

HEE HEE love the little graduation hats. How exciting!!! Congrats Easton