Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glad it's over!

Last week was crazy. We had....two ice cream float parties I was in charge of, kindgergarten graduation, 4 baseball games, two baseball picture days, 5th grade graduation assembly, movie night (Brooke's class spent two months making a video about the civil war....Monday they showed the movie at school...the movie was fantastic....I thought it would be a cheesy little movie, but it was so professional) I also did a presentation at the junior high. Easton turned 6 and through all that Neil was out of town. Luckily my parents came and took care of me! I am glad that week is done, now we are on to summer! I am spring cleaning (because it is so hot here you have to stay inside and so spring cleaning happens in the summer instead of the spring) I spent about 3 hours on my room and now am moving onto each room and closet in the house....up next is Easton's room with the other kids to follow and then the toys. Lets hope I survive the toy room! If I am not back in a week send in a search party!


amber said...

I've been trying to spring clean for a couple of weeks now. I just don't get much accomplished these days - too many hands trying to help! Our toy room is out of control - let me know if you have any good ideas for organization!

MB said...

Been working on cleaning here too. Few more rooms and I will be done. WHEW

Glad your mom and dad were there to help ya. WOW