Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Miss

Addison turned 4. I can't believe my baby is 4. Addison was not my easiest delivery...she was my most boring delievery. I literally got bored with the whole thing. Pitocin doesn't work well on me. So I just have the doctor break my water. The nurse wouldn't let me be on my side. If she would have then the delivery would have been a lot shorter. Because of that it was 6 hours. I got bored. I got an epidural...but dont' like them. I didn't really need I was sad I had gotten it. I pushed twice I think. The nurses were sure she would be a boy because I wanted a girl so badly. The nurses all cheered when they saw it was a girl. Neil cried when HE saw it was a girl...I think it was relief that he wouldn't have to have another baby! He was sure that if it were a boy we would have to try again for a girl. When I called and told the kids it was a girl they cheered and started jumping up and down and screaming! It was so fun.

Addison was such a quiet baby. For like the first 2 weeks she didn't cry. She would start to wake up and we would all get excited that she was awake. We would feed her and she was content. She wouldn't take a binkie...but didn't really need one. She was just content. The kids sure loved kissing on her!

Addison is a perfect example of how we are born with a certain spirit. She is still very content. She of course has her moments...but in general is a happy and easy going girl. She loves anything girly and LOVES lipstick and makeup.

Addison loves her friends. She asks to play with them daily! She loves school and has asked when school starts since the last day of school last year.

Addison has a great imagination and tells me some real whoppers. She tells me stories about when she was a boy named Jeremy and the great adventures she has. She talks about all these friens she has...usually they have names like Shena and Kenna. They have sleepovers and do lots of exciting things!

People just love Addie. No matter where we go she gets comments about how cute she is or how cute her hair is. She has wrapped more then one person around her little finger. I often hear her telling he brothers to stopping kissing on her! We love you are such a special girl! Can't wait to see how you grow the next 4 years!


Linz said...

She is so special! Happy 4th birthday to a sweet and CUTE little gal!

Kristy Lou said...

Can't believe she is 4!?!? She is such a cute girl!!

Noelle said...

Ok, she is ADORABLE! I can see why she has everyone wrapped around her finger, just a picture and I am wrapped. You & your hubbie sure make cute babies!

Marleen said...

She is such a cutie! Looks like you guys had a great summer.