Monday, June 23, 2008


The McKellebs are back from Law School for a 10 day visit. We are so excited to have them back, at least for a little while. The kid's picked up right where they left off. Brooke and Brianna gave one another makeovers....with their eyes closed! Such cute and creative girls. They wouldn't let me post the finished product!

Addie and Cord acted like they were long lost friends. They gave each other loves and enjoyed Popsicles together. Cord kept patting the floor next to him so Addie would sit next to him!

Camden and Mason went straight for the things they like to do together: Bionicles and Video games!
The older kids had a sleepover and had a great time! We will be sad for them to go back to Mass., but we were thrilled to have them here. Welcome home, McKelleb family, welcome home!


Mary Beth said...

boy your the bloggin fool this week!!

this looks like so much fun!!!

did they stay with yall??

so how many do you have in your house this week?

Marleen said...

Family friends are great. It was so nice of you to come to Camille's funeral. My brother was hoping that you could have come to the house to chat with the family. We will have to have your family come to town again soon. Let us know if you are ever planning on doing it in the future. I don't think you realize how much we appreciated you being there. Thank you.

Linz said...

That picture of Addie and Cord eating popcicles is so cute! I was so happy that you guys came over for a visit! It made my day!!!!