Monday, June 23, 2008

What should I be doing now?

Clearly not blogging. Yet I need to. I have had such crazy weeks lately (I thought summer was suppose to be slower then when school is in?) So besides playing catch up with my blogging, I am also avoiding. I should be cleaning house (Neil's brother and wife and their 9 kids are coming tonight...then again they have 9 kids....should I bother to clean before they come?) I also am avoiding my sewing room. I have made dresses for many flower girls, my own girls, prom dresses and many many baby blessing gowns. I also have made like a gajillion (is that a word) diaper bags and burp rags. Yet I am currently making one of the most important dresses I have ever made. When my friend Mary Beth had her first baby I made her a blessing gown (although two weeks before she was born we found out she was a he) So both her kids wore it. Now Mary Beth and her husband are going to the temple to be sealed as a family and I am making her little girl Brooke's (yes named for my Brooke) dress. I love the pattern, I love the material (yummy silk) I love to sew...yet I hate sewing this dress. Nothing is going right on it. I get a little angrier every time I start to work on it because something goes wrong. Visually it looks great....just don't turn it inside out and take a look at it. I feel like it looks worse (from the inside) then the very first project I ever made:( I am at the point where I just want it over with....but I also want it to be an amazing dress for an amazing little girl and family. So right now I am avoiding....and will probably secretly sneak in my sewing room in the middle of the night to get the darn thing finished. (Don't worry MaryBeth....the dress will look great and I love doing it, I just want it to go a lot smoother. Oh and don't look at the hem I refuse to pick it out another time) So now all of you can reap the rewards of my avoiding....instead I am power blogging. (Does power blogging work like power aerobics and help with weight loss?)


Mary Beth said...


Awww Shell I am so sorry that dress is being a Pain in the rump to you!! :( I totally know the feeling about finishing a project and it just not going right. That has happened to me so many times.

I can't THANK you enough for making my kids their dresses. :) I will go down for putting that dress on Kyle 8 1/2 years ago.. great blackmail photos. :) But that is what the little toot gets for tricking us that he was a girl!! Serves him right! HAHAH

I can't wait for brooke to have her 4 white dresses. Most folks will just have their 3. So.. do I commission ya in 4 years for a baptism dress.. oh and do you sew wedding dresses?? (kidding)

I am just one of the luckiest girls on earth to have such a great friend like you!!! You have wonderful talents and I plan to make it up when we come out in April. Get you that family portrait with the red rocks!! And more photos than you will know what to do with!!!

Glad you are power blogging!!! I have missed reading all your messages!!!

Linz said...

Sigh. I hate when good projects go bad. Grrrr. But at least it looks great on the outside!!!

Darleen said...

Umm...okay. Marleen told me you came to Camille's funeral. And I'm SOOOOO bummed I didn't see you and we weren't able to chat. Actually everyone in the family was totally bummed. And we were wishing we had your cell phone so you could stay just a little longer and come to the luncheon. Now I feel like I'm never going to see you in person. I guess next time I go to Vegas we really need to make a date to get together and catch up.