Saturday, June 7, 2008

Week 2 down....and we survived

Well we survived another week of summer! I was so excited for summer. I thought we would relax and have fun! Well we have had fun....but it has been anything but relaxing. Here is our week in review.
Sunday: After church I did something to my back and was not able to bend over.
Monday: 9 am: Camden goes to Science camp, I pick up the teachers twins to watch for 3 hours (they are super great 3 year olds. They play so well together and are very easy to tend)
10 am: Brooke goes to math workshop (she is going 4 days a week for most of the summer for an hour a day)
11 am: pick up Brooke
12 noon: take twins back, get Camden.
12:30 : go to a friends to swim with all the kids. (it is such a process for us to all get ready to swim (the soaking in the pool helped my back feel a little better, until I got out and had to bend over again!)
3 pm: go to friends house for a massage (worked wonders on my back and made me functional again)
6:30 pm: Brooke had a baseball game

Tuesday: Brooke had math in the morning then we went to the ward young mommies swimming time. We will go every Tuesday morning to swim at a neighborhood pool
5:30 Camden and Easton have T-ball practice

Wednesday: almost a repeat of Monday
9 am: Camden to science camp
10 am: Brooke to math
11 am: pick up Brooke
11:15 am: friend Val calls and her gradma-in-law is not doing well. All the family members are gathering in the hospital to say their goodbyes. I take her cutie boy Stockton for a few hours while she goes to the hospital.
12: pick up Camden from camp....we then make a quick run to the grocery store while Brooke tends the other kids
5:30 pm:Camden and Easton have a t ball game (Easton got a great line drive on his first pitch from the coach and Camden made 4 outs!)
6:30 pm: Brooke has a baseball game. Brooke got a really nice hit and was part of a double play!

Thursday: 10 am: Brooke to math
1 pm: I went to practice singing a few songs that I have to memorize. We have a fantastic pianist in the ward and she was gracious enough to help me!
3:45 Camden and Brooke to play practice (Camden is going to join Brooke in the production of little rascals. Brooke is playing Ms. Crabtree and Camden is Porky!)
Neil was suppose to go to scout camp today, but the boys go snowed out (not far from here, and it is June. That is crazy! While they had snow on Thursday our temps were fantastic (Friday was 93) So Neil stayed home, since he already had the time off, and worked on the basement!

Friday: Neil was home again today!
9 am: Camden went to his last day of science camp (he absolutely loved it!)
while Cam was gone Neil tiled the back splash in the kids bathroom. He also put up the light fixtures. Now all we need is the trim and the mirrors!
10 am: Brooke and Easton went to the movies (every Friday at the Sunset theatres there will be a $2 movie. This week it was Mr. Magorium (sp) Wonder Emporium. Next week is water horse! They went with a friend since I was watching the twins. I purchased the full summer of the tickets were $1 each instead of $2! So we will be going there each Friday at 10. They also do it on Saturdays at 10!
12 noon: picked up Cam. He couldn't stop talking about the "Snap Circuit" set he played with. He loved working with electricity and this is a very kid friendly set! Check it out if you have a boy that either likes working with kinex's or with Lego's! They are priced pretty good too!
4:30 pm: the kids all went to stay the night at a friends house.
7 pm: Neil and I went with friends (and Addison) to see Indiana Jones. I almost hate to admit, this is the first one I have ever seen. Addison did great. She loved eating the popcorn and feeding it to everyone. She did climb into our friend Phil's lap and burrowed in when it got a little scary for her. She was so quiet and still through most of the movie! Afterwards we went to dinner!

So there was our busy week will be so much lighter! Thank goodness. Today we are going to home depot kids club (first Saturday of the month they do a free kids craft, like build a tool box or flower pot holder or butterfly house. The kids love it. They also got an apron the first time and each project they do they get a pin to put on their apron that says what project they have done! Lowe's does it the 2nd and 4th Saturdays! Hope you have a great weekend!


Linz said...

Sheesh! What a week! I will definately be coming swimming this Tuesday! I may need a reminder, though! =D Is you back okay?

Neeley said...

I am tired just from reading about your week.

mckellebmassmemo said...

It's nice to see you are still alive. I was getting worried since you haven't blogged for a week, now I see why. We are still in school. We have 2 more weeks. But during that time we have to pack up the house to move, and pack up for our trip home. It should be busy! We can't wait to see you :)

Shane and Alissa said...

Wow that was such a busy week, I don't know how you do it. I hope your back gets feeling better, that's the worst.

Marleen said...

It sounds more like school is vacation compared to that week. Although I usually enjoy myself more when I'm busy.

Cassie said...

You're amazing! I don't know how you do it all. I wonder if I'll survive when baby #2 gets here! Hope you're feeling better!