Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Every Bodies doing a brand new dance now!

Come on baby do the Cocomotion!

I have been telling everyone lately about one of our favorite things...the cocomotion. This is what the walmart site said about it:

Hot chocolate and family entertaining go hand in hand. Mr. Coffee's Cocomotion automatic hot chocolate maker puts an end to overheated, overflowing milk on the stovetop and scorched pans to clean. It heats milk to just the right temperature and whips up frothy cups of hot chocolate and similar beverages in minutes.

Hot Chocolate Maker Features:

Makes 2 to 4 cups of hot chocolate at a time
Machine heats milk to just the right temperature for hot chocolate with no overflowing or scorching
Mixing disc thoroughly whips hot chocolate and other cocoa- or chocolate-based drinks at the touch of a button
Finished drink has an appealing frothy top
Lid twists and locks in place for easy pouring
Lighted "On" switch
Easy to clean

And the great thing about only costs $23.84 at Walmart! With the chilly weather we have been having this has been put to good use at our house....and the cheap cocoa even tastes good in it!


Linz said...

=D "Michael" ordered me one for Christmas! I am so excited! (Yes, I mean I ordered it, but Michael said that it had to be from him...)