Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday MaryBeth!

Good ol 1995...gotta love the denim shirts! (pre eyebrow waxing) Pale faced me.

2007...and I thought I didn't look any older, til I see pictures of myself! (post eyebrow waxing) Good to know I am still pale faced and as washed out as every. Why doesn't MB change in these pictures?

Disclaimer: I thought I had it figured out how to flip these pictures....but my computer wouldn't allow it (it does that to me all the time) So on with the post!

MaryBeth and I became instant friends. We met like the first week of college. We were in the same dorm and I wanted to learn sign language. She, being hearing impaired, was my ticket to sign. So we met, and clicked. We were together constantly, well I was dating Neil and then engaged to Neil, so I won't say constantly, but a TON. She helped me more then just with signing. That was just our start. We had a ton of laughs together. The above picture is her and her interpreter at college, Mick.

The is MaryBeth, me and Laurel (the other deaf girl in our dorm). I have been priviledged to do a few different things for MaryBeth. I picked out and bought her wedding dress, while she was in Florida and I was in Reno. I know, crazy. It was a screaming deal and I still can't believe she trusted me enough to get it. (she loved it by the way) She let me make the blessing gown that both her kids wore (she was told the first was a girl until the week before the baby was born. I had already finished and sent the dress, so she made him wear it too!) MaryBeth made my day when she invited me to come to Florida to interpret her sons baptism last December. It was such an honor. We giggled and stayed up late just as we had thirteen years before at college. She then asked me to come back in July to interpret while her family was sealed in the temple. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it. Instead she let me sew the dress her little girl wore when they were sealed. (she has mentioned that I am going to have to make her baptism and wedding dress, because a girl needs all 4 of her "White" dresses made by the same person...haha)

Some of my favorite MaryBeth moments: skating home after going to brolums on the shined up Rexburg streets, going to many devotionals together, our big group date where we ate dinner in the upstairs lounge, MaryBeth getting sick while laying on my living room floor (instead of running to my bathroom to throw up she ran all the way downstairs to her own apartment) Making chalk outlines of people (like crime scenes) and getting in trouble by our dorm mom for defacing property. Flour balls. Stroganoff (which she thinks needs ketchup in it, but then your sauce turns pink) U8IT. Walking across campus signing, a guy runs up and stops in front of us and waves and just stares at us. So I say, "can I help you" and he about faints and says "oh, you can talk"! Signing "Mormon Rap" for ward talent show. Signing "A whole new world" for a class project. Visiting for mother's week. MaryBeth on a horse for the first time. So many memories. Anyways....Happy Birthday Love you girl!