Saturday, August 15, 2009

Playing catchup: Cousins part 1

Neil's 2nd oldest brother Bryce drove through St. George after their vacation to california. I convinced him to let his daughter Kelsey ( she is number 5 of 9!) stay for an extra week and fly home. Brooke and Kelsey are the same age and have so much fun together. These two girl were fantastic to the little kids. They planned a party for them...complete with cupcakes and games. They kept the kids so entertained. They also went babysitting 3 times together during the week. With all the cash they earned they went to the mall and spent it on matching outfits! We hope this weeklong visit becomes a tradition with Kelsey! She was so fun to have around I wish we could adopt her!


trish and derek said...

remember our matching shoes and earrings :)

solarcellphonecharger said...

nice pix

Linz said...

They are so cute!!