Monday, August 10, 2009

Mommy The Garbage Can!

Addison yelled to me early this morning "mommy the garbage can" I look out the window and there is the garbage truck. Then she tells me "I don't want to get in is yucky. The Mr. picks it up, the gwumpy (aka grumpy) Mr. picks up the garbage and it is yucky" I have no idea why we think the garbage man is grumpy, she hs never met him, but of course he is on a first name basis with Neil and we ran into him and his family while we hiked in Kanarraville with our friends on Saturday!


Linz said...

She is too funny!

Neeley said...

I am pretty sure I would be grumpy if I had to pick-up garbage all day...wait a minute I think I do:)