Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let the festivies continue

Since we celebrated the kids birthday on Camdens actual day, we did cake on Addies birthday. She loved blowing out the candles, so we relit them about a billion times for her to do it again. Addie picked out a mickey and minnie cake...which worked out great for a double party...half boy and half girl! SO what makes these two so special? Camden is my little charmer. He can just about get anything out of me with his little grin and batting those long lashes. He seems to win over just about everyone. Camden is very excited about getting baptized and has been talking about it since he turned 7! He has a sweet little testimony and a strong desire to choose the right. He is so cute with Addie and can get along so well with Easton (on the days they choose not to fight!) Camden is also a great athlete. He loves to try any sports...but his specialty is soccer. Addie is our funny little angel. She is always saying the funniest things or giving the funniest looks. Sometimes she shakes her little bum and head while she is telling me duh mom. She LOVES her big brothers and sister. She always wants to be with them. She likes to stand at the top of the stairs and yell down at the kids either to tell them to "shape up" or its "time to eat" Addie loves going to nursery and being with her friends. She is very good at entertaining herself and already has a great imagination. She is always making her polly pockets talk to one another. She also LOVES Grammy and Grandpa! I loves these two and can't believe how big they have gotten!


Valerie said...

Oh they are such cute kids! I love the picture with Addie blowing out the candles. You have great kids seriously! I love when Brooke sits and Camden was so fun to go take pictures of. Can't wait to go to his baptism :)

Darleen said...

Your kids are so cute!! Camden is such a handsome little boy and it's great to see he is excited to be baptized. 8 is great!