Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2

Our second day in California we went to Balboa Park. Let me just say that I could spend a good month there. Balboa park not only houses the San Diego zoo but there are also a ton of museums! We went to the air and space museum. It was very windy that day so we didn't want to be outdoors. The girls and I loved the museum.

The boys thought it was boring after about 10 minutes. I could have stayed another 2 hours!

We did learn a ton of interesting facts.

We were only asked 3 times this day if "all those kids" were mine. We were only asked once if we were Mormon! I guess 5 kids in California is a lot?!

After the museum we went to the park and played. The kids had fun on the slides. We then went back to our room and ate and went swimming. We swam until Neil was done and then spent time with him. It was a nice relaxing day after spending the day before walking and playing like crazy!


Valerie said...

Looks like so much fun, how funny that the boys were bored, I would think they would LOVE all that stuff. And funny that someone asked if you were a Mormon, good grief

Linz said...

That looks like SO much fun! I wish we would have stopped there!

Valerie said...

Oh hey no worries, I know you are super busy and I just appreciate you sewing the cover for me. Let me know if you want help with paint for you master bedroom ;) I can help you paint after the baby is born or at least help you pick out colors now. I hope you post pic of the blessing gown too, I wish I had some of your sewing talent! :)

Jordan and Heather Hart said...

That is hilarious- when I was little my family went to D-Land. We were eating breakfast there when a guy came over and asked my parents if "all those kids were theres?" There are also 5 kids in my family. When he found out they were he said "you've got enough kids for a basketball team." Weird thing to say. ha ha. Your Cali adventure looks like it was a blast!