Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break....Day 1....Legoland

In January Neil mentioned he had a conference in San Diego. It happened to be the week of our spring break. We packed up and headed to the warmth....but got lots of rain and wind. We still had a great time! Our first day there we went to Legoland.

Camden is wearing his "chicks dig pink" shirt. His cousin wore this same shirt to legoland 2 1/2 years ago when we went with him to legoland!

Our 5th kids (aka Sam our neighbor) came with us. It was a little overcast that day. That meant fewer people at the park. I was told there were 3000 people there that day, in the summer there are 8500! The lines were short and everyone got in all the rides they wanted!

On the way in there is a Lego family!

We had our picture taken with them and used the dad as our substitute dad for the day!

While we were there we met the dark side:

Took a nap on a park bench with a stranger:

Saw where the three little pigs were hanging their drawers out to dry:

Went on an African Safari where we saw Zebras:

Saw dinosaur eggs:

We even rode on a camel:

Our friends the Werners were also in San Diego and we had a great day with them! We took a ton of pictures....maybe I need to just make a slide show out of them....but overall we had a great day with no whining!


Doty Family said...

Oh, it looks so fun. Mandee went and she said she hated legoland, but I think it looks awesome! We've defiently missed you guys!! Glad you had fun!

torrentialcyclist said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, legoland. Looks like you guys had fun!

mckellebmassmemo said...

OK, I guess Mike was signed into the blog and I didn't notice until the pic of his bike came up. That last comment was from me. hehehe

Linz said...

How fun!!!