Saturday, March 5, 2011

great day...but glad it's over!

Today we woke up early and took the kids to the high school. Brooke, Camden and Easton were all participating in a baseball/softball camp. Can I just say that the field at the high school is gorgeous. I loved being out in the beautiful sun, soaking it in, while I watched my kiddos. I loved hearing the crack of the bat and the sound of the ball hitting a mit! Brings back so many memories. I probably watched a million baseball games my brother played in. I thought it was hilarious that the high school players are growing mullets just like my brother had in the early 90's! Brooke is playing softball for the first time and did very well at the clinic. I was very impressed with her bunting skills! Camden and Easton both did very well. One of the boys in the ward (he is also on the high school team)commented on how well they played. He was especially impressed with Easton's swing since most of the kids his age couldn't hit a thing. Addison was a dream and played the entire 2 1/2 hours without complaining once! After a quick lunch at home we were off again. This time to Addison's first soccer practice. Brooke said she looked adorable out there. Her shirt is so big that it looks like a dress on her! After Addison's practice was Easton's practice. He is such a good little athelete. While at his practice Addison put on her soccer shirt and her pink pettiskirt and danced around the park. I am sure this is a good indication of where her priorities will be this season! While Neil was at the park with the kids I took Camden out to sell tickets for the scout expo. He has set a goal for himself to sell a ton of these things and has done fairly well. Today is the first day of sales and he has already sold 20. After practice we took the kids to ice cream and then back home again. When we got home Camden wanted to go selling some more, so Neil hopped on his bike and Camden on his. They were gone for a good hour or more. Brooke went babysitting for the night, and I stayed home exhausted (oh well I guess I did change out the winter/summer shirts for both boys). We spent the evening watching the new Karate Kid was cute but just not the same as the original. They never once said "put him in a body bag" and I missed Mr. Meagee (sp). I love days like these where we don't get a ton done at home, but we have a great day! There was no fighting, no video games and lots of laughing. Man am I exhausted. Hope I make it through this games start!


Linz said...

What a great day! Camden was so cute when he came to our house to sell expo tickets! After I bought it, he said, "I've already sold 3!" So cute! He had a really good day!

Todd said...

The low rider mullet was so in in '91. I love you sister