Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's all about the accessories!

Soccer for Addison (well for me) was all about the accessories. First up: pink shoes! I looked for cleats for her, but they are like 20 bucks...and I couldn't find any pink. One day while we were at Play it again sports looking for baseball gloves for the big kids I found these used ones for 9 bucks! She loves that they are pink!

I looked on YouTube and found directions to make Addison hair bows to match her uniform. I got the ribbon at Joann's. I love how they turned out!

Addison's uniform is enormous. It is so long on her. I put it on her and told her to make a sad is the result:

Then she did a grumpy face:

Then she wanted me to take a picture of her making this face...what? OK!
Then I took it off of her and altered it. I ruched the sides and shoulders with an amazing thing called elastic thread. I admit I felt a little silly while I was making her a tailored soccer shirt, but I wanted her to be able to run in it without falling over and she wouldn't let me tie it on the side

Then she did a happy faceDoesn't it look much better...I think I still might alter it some more to make it a little shorter on her...but I love the finished product.
The yellow jackets sure are a lucky team to have this cutie on the team!


Linz said...

She is utterly adorable!! Great bows!

MB North said...

VERY GOOD JOB!! Love the bows! You rock girlfriend!

Amy said...

She looks fabulous! Kinda jealous that I only have boy soccer players...