Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am gorgeous!

Today when Addison was getting dressed for ballet she said "I'm gorgeous". I love that she is so confident...and totally correct. It got me thinking...I hope she doesn't lose that. I hope she continues to love and appreciate all he good qualities. At what point do little girls stop thinking they are gorgeous and start worrying about what they weigh, how their hair looks and what clothes they wear. When do they stop looking in the mirror and think I'm gorgeous. When do they start thinking...wow I have a zip, my skin is dry/oily, my pores are huge, wow is that a wrinkle? I wish I had that confidence. I can appreciate certain things....like I love my think eye brows, even through they are a pain to keep up, but at least I have them! I hope I can help Addison to continue to think these positive thoughts. I hope too that she thinks..."Wow, I am smart" or "wow, I tried really hard the hard work paid off".


Linz said...

I feel the same way! I hope our girls always feel confident and beautiful. I know as a teenager I sseemed to nit pick every detail of myself. It has taken many years, but I am finally appreciating myself and my features. I don't understand why we go through that. I hope Addie (and Auri) always feel gorgeous!